Average Weight For Women – This Is What Matters!

Weight over height

For a beauty conscious woman, weight would be the priority of her life. It don’t matter whether she wears the best and latest fashion or styles in clothing wear as long as she is pleased with what she sees in the mirror, that would be the best thing that she can have.

Most men dig for light weighted women while some would prefer those who are bulky, no matter what the preference of men might be. Most women basically would die just to get the weight they desire.

What really is the Average weight for women or the ideal weight for that matter? Well, if you tend to follow all those charts and measuring sticks, no matter how you look at it you might still be overweight. The ever annoying question would then be what really is the ideal weight then?

Here are two most common features that you need to consider in determining what is the ideal or average weight for women might be:

Weight over height If you’re 5”8 in height then the closest measurement for your weight would be more or less 160 pounds. Just a simple way of finding out what your exact weight isn’t it? A 5”3 woman who weighs a 163 pounds if would want to shed off those excess packs of her eventually need to lose about 25-30 pounds at least. So there you are you can tell a person’s weight by its height.

Weight over body frame- a woman who has a small body frame would be presumed to weigh 110 to 123 lbs; while a medium built woman would more or less weight 120-130 lbs and a large body framed will approximately weigh 130-146 pounds. This measurement is what people usually refer to as petite or big-boned terminology when talking about body built or frames.

No matter what your weight is, whether you are a petite or a big-boned type of a woman, there’s just one thing that you need to keep in mind. The most important thing for you to think about is how  happy you are with your weight and how you look. You don’t have to punish yourself by undergoing rigid body fitness exercises or diet regimens just to achieve what people would want you to look like.  Achieving Average weight for women may be an obsession for some but surely you shouldn’t let such way of thinking hamper your personality as well as your real character.