Asperger Syndrome


Indian cinema is bringing to light various kinds of neurological and development disorders which many people are unaware of. One such disorder is Asperger syndrome which has been shown in the movie ‘My Name is Khan’. Asperger syndrome is a kind of development and a neurobiological disorder which usually affects the social and communication skills of a person. Read below and find out more about the various symptoms of Asperger syndrome.

Do you feel awkward, confused, and uncomfortable in social gatherings? While some people may feel uncomfortable in social gatherings due to their introvert nature, there are also some who are uncomfortable due to their underdeveloped and impaired social and communication skills.

As mentioned above, Asperger syndrome affects the communication skills of a person. There are also various other symptoms associated with this problem. To begin with, people suffering from Asperger syndrome have narrow and often obsessive interests. They thus indulge in repetitive routines and activities and are interested in talking about their obsessive interests only.

People suffering from Asperger syndrome also display symptoms like odd speech patterns and unusual behavior. However, unlike common belief, Asperger syndrome does not impair the intellectual powers of a person. In fact, there are many people suffering from Asperger syndrome who are sharp, bright, and extremely intelligent. Thus, it is necessary to understand the problem of a person before simply tabooing him or her as ‘retarded’.

Asperger syndrome can affect the motor skills of the person. Thus, people suffering from this syndrome suffer from poor coordination.

It is necessary to understand the problem of the person suffering from Asperger syndrome to effectively help him to deal with his problem. Usually, children suffering from this disorder are teased and made fun of by their peers. This in turn hampers the affected person’s confidence and gives birth to negative feelings. It is thus important to support and help the person suffering from Asperger syndrome so that he can lead a happy and a successful life.

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