Aromatherapy for Children

The new buzz all around is of the holistic healing powers of Aromatherapy which can bring about a physical, emotional and a psychological soothing effect. It is a kind of therapy which makes use of essential oils which are derived from aromatic plants and herbs. It has been found that aromatherapy can be a great help in promoting a child’s happiness, health and well-being. They are used externally on the child’s body through baths, lotions, creams and gels. However, one needs to be careful in selecting oils for a child as their body is more sensitive and tender which requires some special and specific oils to bring about a therapeutic effect.

Aromatherapy when used properly can have a therapeutic effect on a child as a child is sensitive to smell and aromatherapy is built on the whole concept of healing through aroma or smell. Before using any oil, one should ensure that it is mild and one should also consult a doctor so as to avoid any reverse or adverse effect on the sensitive body of the child. The nurturing effect of aromatherapy basically helps in assisting the child for faster healing from minor injuries, supporting the child’s overall sense of well-being and helping a child in getting peaceful and quality rest.

If you want your child to have a peaceful and a comfortable sleep, then one should sprinkle some drops of lavender oil on the child’s body. It also helps in easing aches and can be an effective home remedy for earaches, headaches and even insect bites. Lavender oils can also be effective in the treatment of bruises and burns. Coughs are common in small children and they can be treated through essential oils like cedar wood, eucalyptus, and Tea Tree oils. Similarly, ginger, lavender and thyme oils can be effective for the treatment of sore throats.

One should always use caution while using essential oils in children. One should always use mild oils which are well diluted in water. Moreover, they should always be supervised when using essential oil treatment and should never be left alone even during baths of essential oils. Following some basic tips, one can use aromatherapy to bring about a holistic healing effect on one’s child.