Are you suffering from poor immunity? Read this out!

Do you suffer from frequent bouts of cold when the weather changes every year? Believe it or not, then the chances are you are suffering from weak immunity levels in your body. Confused? Don’t worry; here are some factors that tremendously affect your immunity systems badly, just read them out!

Don’t be surprised to read that stress is one of the major factors for poor immunity. Stress kills you silently from inside. Stress causes major aliments in your body plus immediately brings down your immunity level. This is because when you are stressed; your body starts releasing stress hormone that affects your heat rate, breathing rate and metabolism. Disturbance in your heat rate leads to heat ailments, while breathing rate disturbances leads to lack of oxygen supply in your body parts. Poor metabolism invites indigestion and obesity. It has been clinically proved that people who are exposed to stress have 74-90 percent higher chances of developing infections and are 27-47 percent more likely to catch a cold. Do you know that when you get stressed, your adrenal gland releases larger quantities of hormone known as corticosteroid in your body that suppresses your immunity levels? So, of you want to stay healthy and improve your body’s immunity, make sure you keep stress at bay!

Certainly we all know that exercising is must for achieving a great and healthy body. But still if this is not an eye opener for many of you, then probably this is. It has been proved that people who walk 45 minutes a day are half likely to catch flu than those who don’t. Moreover the biggest benefit of exercising is that it makes sure your organs, muscles and tissues work well, which indirectly results in a healthier body.

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