Are you losing interest in sex? Then read on!

Women are fast losing interest in sex. Loss of libido in women or low sexual desire has been the most common problem for the members of fairer sex. It has affected upto 33 percent to 67 percent of women.
Loss of libido refers to the lack of interest in sex for a prolonged period of time. The various reasons for loss of libido are given below:

Social conditioning:

The messages women get from society with its double standards and attitudes towards sex; have a big affect on their sexual desire. They are still affected by the social conditioning prevalent that men are ‘studs’ if they are sexual, while women are ‘sluts’.

Quality of relationship:
For women, desire is strongly elicited to the relationship. It is very important for them to be emotionally attached to their partner before getting into something physical or sexual. Their desires arise when they interact with their partner. If the quality of these intimate but non sexual contacts is not being attended properly, most women find it hard to be “in mood”.

Hormonal changes:
Hormonal fluctuation caused due to pregnancy, breast feeding and menopause all results lessening the sexual desire to a great extent.

Various anti-depressants taken to fight against depression also inhibit the sexual desire to some extent, thus affecting your sexual life. Blood pressure lowering drugs also affects you greatly in achieving a good sexual life. Conditions like endometriosis, thyroid disorders and fibroids also lead to loss in your libido level thus affecting your sexual desire badly.

Child birth:
Woman’s life changes especially after the birth of hr child. Birth of a child often leads to the loss of libido in women in her 20’s with a child under five or six. Their lack of sexual interest gets double and triple in this period.