Are you Feeling exhausted? Read this!


Don’t be surprised to read that other than your higher stress level, there exits some other factors also that makes you feel exhausted and worn-out. Read the following articles to find out those reasons.
Allergy to some foodstuffs
Almost all of us have hidden food allergies. Even a little bit of such foodstuffs can make you feel sluggish and tired. Moreover, if such a food become a part of your staple diet then it becomes more difficult to ward off the feelings of physical exhaustion. So make sure you keep a check on them. For this you can always consult your doctor and get a food allergy test done.

Anaemia is major cause of fatigue in women. Moreover heavy menstrual cycle and fibroid tumors leads to heavy blood loss thus causing deficiency of hemoglobin in the body. As a result organs lack the necessary oxygen supply which makes you feeling dizzy, irritated and cold. So ensure to have iron-rich foodstuffs like red meat and spinach in your diet. These foodstuffs will help in keeping your blood count on normal way.

Inadequate sleep:
Well inadequate sleep causes fatigue in your body. Moreover, if you suffer from a problem known as sleep apnoea you become unaware of body’s sleep requirements. So, if you having sufficient number of sleeping hours but still feeling tired and exhausted, chances are that you may be suffering from sleep apnoea.

Chances of heart disease
If you starts feeling tired while performing your daily household chores, it may mean that your heart is not functioning to its normal capacity and needs medical attention. Remember higher the chances of fatigue, the more severe chances of a heart disorder. However, this need not mean that you panic over every sense of fatigue that comes your way.

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