Amla (Indian Goose berry) For Beauty, Health And Vitality

Amla (Indian Goose berry) For Beauty, Health And Vitality

Amla (Indian Goose berry) For Beauty, Health And Vitality Amla or Indian goose berry is a small lemon sized fruit, but its benefits defy its size. It justifies the saying that good things come in small packages .It is also known as Myrobalan. Its medicinal and curative power is immense.

Amla has the power to fight and even cure various diseases and disorders. It has anti aging properties which boosts the stamina and strength of ageing people. Amla is loaded with vitamin C.One piece of amla is equivalent to two oranges.

Vitamin C is essential to strengthen the immune system and helps in absorption of iron and other minerals in the body. Regular use of amla fulfils that requirement and also improves the resistance power of the body to help fight the diseases.

Amla is anti oxidant and a great skin tonic. It can prevent wrinkles and premature greying of the hair. It also helps in weight loss programme by improving your metabolic system. It is low in sugar and has high fibre content, thus it cures stomach disorders.

Due to its anti oxidant properties amla helps to cleanse the body from toxins and improves the functioning of liver. It is a good blood purifier. Amla can be eaten in various forms .You can make amla juice, murraba, pickle or grind to make powder by drying it. The best thing about this tiny fruit is that it does not lose its nutrient contents in any form.

To make amla juice, separate the segments from seed and pass through a juicer. You should consume it immediately to avoid fermentation. For pickle, boil whole amla in a pressure cooker to one whistle. Open the lid when it is cool, strain the water and remove seeds. Mix with spices according to your taste and store in the fridge. You can use the water obtained from boiled amla to wash your hair and face.

To make amla powder, boil fresh amla as for pickle. Separate the segments from the seed and dry in the sun for 3-4 days. Keep turning the pieces for even drying. Grind to make powder, pass through a sieve and store in an air tight jar. It is better to use fresh amla till they are available. Preserve them as powder, pickle or murraba to be used when fresh ones are not available.

How is Amla good for Health?

Amla is recommended during pregnancy for strength. It is more nutritious than an egg. It strengthens the teeth and gums and prevents pyorrhoea. Chew a few pieces of raw amla for healthy gums and shiny teeth. Blood sugar level can be controlled by consuming amla juice. Chewing raw amla can cure stammering in children.

Amla improves eyesight. You should eat amla murraba every day to cure your vision.Soak1 tea spoon amla powder in a glass of water at night, the next morning strain the water and splash it on your eyes. It cures eye infections and adds sparkle to the eyes.

To give strength to heart and brain, take 2 table spoon amla juice in half a glass of water in between meals for 21 days. To improve your memory eat one piece of amla murraba every day. Take 1 tea spoon amla powder after meals for better digestion. It also prevents diarrhoea. It also delays ageing and builds stamina of the ageing people. In case of constipation take amla powder with milk at night.

For fatigue take ½ cup amla juice mixed with ½ cup water and 2 tea spoon honey. Drink half cup milk after sometime. It nourishes the cells and fills the body with renewed energy. To get relief from acidity, take amla powder and mishri (crystallized sugar) in equal proportion with water.

Amla juice also helps to increase your haemoglobin level and cures anaemia. Leucorrhoea is a common problem among women. Amla is an unbeatable remedy to treat it.Take1/2 teaspoon amla powder mix with 1 teaspoon of honey and eat it once a day for 30 days to get relief from leucorrhoea.

Amla sherbet can protect you from heat stroke and reduces the dryness of mouth and thirst in summers. Morning sickness during pregnancy can be controlled by eating one piece of amla murraba twice a day.

Benefits of Amla to Maintain Beauty

Amla is equally beneficial for external use. The sourness of the fruit helps to cleanse hair and skin thoroughly and gives it a shine. It prevents and delays wrinkles. It is an excellent hair tonic. It is a useful remedy to cure dandruff, prevents premature greying of the hair and is also a very good hair conditioner. You can use amla in various ways to maintain healthy skin and hair.

For dandruff soak dried amla in water overnight, in the morning strain water and rinse your hair after shampoo with it. Your hair will become soft and dandruff free. Use amla oil for hair massage. It strengthens the roots and prevents greying of hair.

Make a hair pack by mixing amla powder and henna powder in equal quantity. Make a paste with egg or curd. Add juice of one lemon. Apply on hair for half an hour. Wash hair thoroughly .It will improve the growth and health of your hair. Amla helps to maintain a healthy and young skin. It tightens the muscles and helps to prevent wrinkles. It has the power to cure pigmentation and blemishes. It also protects the skin from various infections.

Take amla powder, mix with water to make a paste, add a little olive oil to it and massage your face with upward strokes. Keep it on for 10 minutes and wash your face with normal water. Pat dry your face. Soak amla powder in a glass of water at night. Next morning strain the water and splash your face with it. You will feel refreshed and regular use of this water will remove blemishes and make the skin clear.

Mix amla oil and neem oil together and massage your face with it .Wipe off with wet cotton ball and wash face with normal water. You will get rid of pimples by doing this regularly. People with oily skin should mix amla juice or powder with neem oil.

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