ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS – Something for the Girls!

A new rule I have adopted for Christmas shopping is “One for you, one for me!” Yes, for every present I get for someone else, I’ve added a cheeky one into the basket for myself! And with so many stores running 3 for 2 offers, there’s really no excuse not to!! So here’s my pick of the favourites that your friends and family will love – and you would love even more!! Go on, treat yourself! By HAYLEY NOLAN.

Everyone loves playing games at Christmas – it’s one of those time honoured traditions that have evolved from charades round the dinner table to your Nana Kath getting overzealous with the Nintendo Wii after too many sherrys! So you’re really buying a gift for the whole family when you invest in Wii’s latest offering, The X Factor game complete with microphones! Move over big sis, we’re the Karaoke Queens! Available also in Xbox & PS3 – this is the safe way to audition for Simon and Co…you know, without the jeering crowds and ritual humiliation! Yes, we can hit those bum notes in the comfort of our living room, happy in the knowledge that we will always  sound better than drunken Uncle Pete!! Of course if that’s all a bit too high tech for your family, a fab, fun board game that will have the whole family in hysterics is Mr & Mrs, based on another popular TV show, available from all major retailers.

Now going back to the 3 for 2 offers, Boots the Chemist lead the way with their Christmas shop. And their best selling make up brand, come festive time, is FrontCover. Super stylish, chic and sleek, the packaging will appeal to all the girls in the family from teens and sisters to friends and funky mums! And with some great box sets to chose from, the hardest part will be deciding which freebies from the 3 for 2 will you keep for yourself! We love the concept of Desk to Date and Eye to Eye with its amazing eyelash kit!

An amazing online store you’re going to fall in love with this Winter is Grannies Inc. Bright and colourful, kooky knitted accessories are the best way to stay warm this season without sucumbing to a dreary and drab Autumnal wardrobe! And I challenge you to select a few items for your friends without that internal battle to pick just a little something out for youself too! Oh go for it, if you can’t treat yourself at Christmas, when can you? After all, we can’t have your friends looking better than you, can we?!

Happy shopping!