Buying presents for the boys is a tough enough job when you’re only trying to find one Birthday present now and again throughout the year! But come Christmas time, we have the arduous task of sourcing endless interesting and thoughtful gifts that don’t say “I couldn’t be bothered, so here’s a pair of santa socks!” Whether it’s teens, husbands or granddads, we girls need all the help we can get – so here it is! The HAYLEY NOLAN gift guide for guys!

An alternative to the old reliable “Deodorant Gift Set” is Lush products for men. The brand do some amazing natural products with their own kooky spin, which means we get fabulous gift sets such as “Chillin With My Gnomeys” – Whoosh Shower Jelly and Snow Globe Soap boxed up in gnome wrapping paper!! Also look out for the manly scented Glogg shower gel and Cosmetic lad – Skincare for the boys!

A great new film teens will love is Little Big Soldier, released now on exclusive 2-disk DVD. It’s a martial arts comedy from Hollywood  legend Jackie Chan – based on an original story by Chan himself, in which he stars as a peasant soldier who kidnaps a wounded Warrior Prince to collect a bounty! Of course, once the kids have seen this, they’ll want to get in on the action too, so a great gift is DR WHO Evacuation Earth on Nintendo DS! Starring the voices of stars Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, there are over 1000 puzzles, including 3 types of mini game, plus over 60 exciting locations to explore! So that should keep them occupied for a while!

Now gifts strictly for the grown ups – you can’t go wrong with a bottle of something good this Christmas! Husbands and boyfriends alike will love Duvel‘s beer gift set with a striking special edition glass to go with it. Dads will appreciate that old classic Greenall’s Gin. The timeless bottle makes it the perfect gifting drink – and the taste is a favourite you can trust. And a great gift for granddads is the delightfully named Mount Gay Rum the oldest rum brand in existence, which speaks volumes about its quality! Produced on Barbados since 1703 – grandad will also be fascinated by the historical elements of the drink!

A wonderful present for all ages is “I Could Go On…Unpublished Letters to the Daily Telegraph.” As a follow up to the hilarious “Am I Alone in Thinking…” who knew Telegraph readers could be so hilarious? Leave it to the British public to combine what they do best – complaining and comedy! Available in all good book shops, this is the perfect stocking filler – or gift for the boss!