Acute Stress Disorder


People who witness some traumatic event or incident in their life often suffer from the problem of acute stress disorder. It is like a post traumatic stress disorder in which the person affected faces anxiety, fear, stress, and feeling of detachment after experiencing a traumatic experience. The person affected could either be a direct victim of a traumatic event or one who witnessed trauma in front of eyes or any other unforgettable trauma which leaves a huge impact on the psychological self of the person.

A person suffering from acute stress disorder has a lot of stress and anxiety in his life. Additionally, the episodes of the traumatic incident or images keep flashing in the affected person’s mind making him feel uncomfortable and highly anxious. Such people usually revisit that traumatic experience through illusions, dreams and flashbacks and along with feelings of fear and anxiety, such people also display other symptoms like a feeling of emotional and physical detachment and also depersonalization. Such people lose confidence from themselves and their surroundings. There are also chances that such people slip into depression.

People suffering from acute stress disorder often face certain problems in their personal and professional life as the anxiety, fear and disillusionment that accompanies post traumatic stress leads to a disruption of the happy and healthy life of a person. Thus, it is important to get over this as soon as possible.

To treat the problem of acute stress disorder, there are various psychological counseling treatments. Basically, as a near and dear one of the affected person, you need to comfort the affected person and try to get him out of his traumatic experience. Sharing feelings and communicating it with your close ones help a lot. After all, there is no bravery in repressing and hiding your fear and feelings. Additionally, there are also certain medicines available for the same. Thus, it is necessary to first understand acute stress disorder to treat it.

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