Acne Under Control

Acne Under Control

Acne is perhaps the worst that can happen to an average teenager. Be it a girl or a boy, acne is just as annoying when it comes to maintaining a blemish-free appearance.

Acne starts with basic blackheads that are usually formed when dead cells and oil clog the minute pores present in the skin. This results in inflammation which appears as pimples all over the infected area. Acne are perfectly natural phenomenon, however, sometimes they also indicate an underlying allergic reactions. Whatever might be the reason for your acne eruption; there are various effective ways to control them.

A few pieces of nutmeg mixed with un boiled fresh milk makes a fine paste that can be applied to control acne. This mixture works best when applied for two hours and then wash it off with cold water. There are some anti-dotes that work best overnight, like the cinnamon and honey mix.

Apply this paste just before you go to bed and continue for about two to three weeks for best results. While oranges are great to eat, however, they also make for the perfect face mask. Dry the orange peel and grind them in to a fine powder form. This mixed with water can be applied on acne-prone skin to control too much oil production.

Blackheads, being the basic reason for pimples can also be eradicated as they appear. A tablespoon of lime juice mixed with groundnut oil is perfect for avoiding blackheads. Mint offers a cooling impact on extreme cases of pimples.

Fresh mint juice applied on acne overnight is good to soothe the eruptions. Applying a fine paste of Fenugreek every night for about fifteen minutes results in smooth skin. Equal quantity of rose water and lime water is effective when applied over pimples for about twenty minutes.

If you are more for the natural home remedies, try making your own face wash. This can be done by adding fresh lime juice in to a cup of fresh un-boiled milk. While tomatoes make great salad, applying freshly squeezed pulp over the face for about forty-five minutes also provides good cleansing action.

Now that you know all that is required to get rid of those ugly pop-outs just get started with what suites you the best. However, keep in mind that pimples are also hormone related and sometime undergo self-cure after they have served their duration.

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