About lingerie-read it out!


Hey just walk into any lingerie store and you will be amazed to see rows of inner wears with intricate lace work, embellished floral nets, thin pleats, tulle overlays,shimmer sequin work and soft cuts in vibrant hues and even swarovski detailing. Even if you are buying for everyday usage, you can opt for a nice feminine luxurious material. Certainly good lingerie boosts your confidence tremendously and brings positive changes in your body language.

With festive and wedding season around the corner, collections in shades of subtle pink, chocolate brown, emerald green, deep red, violet, plum, gold and fuchsia are quite in rage. You will find a shift towards innovative, vibrant cuts and bold colors. Soft silhouettes and expensive laces combined with polysatin and textured net fabrics are popular these days. Light micro-fibers, embroidered tattoo backgrounds, appliqués, jacquard satins, satin with lace insets and cotton –lycra blend in dyed yarns are gaining popularity these days among women. But the choice of fabric-be it cotton, Lycra or satin remains subjective to the style that women chooses.

Make sure you choose lingerie that highlights your good points while hiding your body flaws. If you are a plus size woman, pick a multiway bra in regular or transparent straps. You can wear it strapless, as a halter or as cross-straps. Cross-over bras are very comfortable to exercise and cotton used in them let your skin breathe free. Girlie boxers cover your hips and thighs very well.

Bold prints in warm colors, polka dots animal prints, swarovski hints, abstract patterns will be this season’s must haves. Winters will be full of warm, hot and spicy colors and lingerie is no exception. So it’s the time for you to indulge yourself in rich reds and cheeky chocolates to show off what’s lie beneath!