About breast cancer

It is surprising but true that in every three minutes, a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, which is the second most common form of cancer amongst women.

Like in all parts of body, the cells in the breast also grow and then rest in cycles which are controlled by genes in cell’s nucleus. When the genes of cell are working in good condition, they keep the cell growth in breast under control but when the genes develop abnormality, it loses its ability to control the cell growth and ultimately causes cancer. So, breast cancer is nothing but the uncontrolled growth of breast cells. Though the exact cause of breast cancer is still unknown, but here are some important factors that affect it. Just have a look!

Mind that that the risk of breast cancer increase if mother, sister or first blood relation aunt had breast cancer, especially at their young ages.

Late child bearing is another factor that can lead to development of breast cancer. Women who deliver first child after the age of thirty have a greater chance of developing breast cancer than women who have child at young age.

Even longer exposure of estrogen (estrogen either made by body, or taken as a drug or delivered by a patch) to woman causes the development of breast cancer .women who began menstruation at an early age i.e. before 12, women who experience menopause late say after the age of 55, or those women who never had children or those who took hormone replacement therapy for longer periods all suffers from greater chances of development of breast cancer ailment. This is because all the above conditions increase the amount of time when a woman’s body gets exposed to estrogen.

Remember that women who drink alcohol also have higher risk of breast cancer.

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