A Healthy Body Image


Am I too fat? Am I too skinny? Is my height adequate for my age? These are the general questions regarding one’s body image which circulate in a teenager’s mind. These questions eventually define how one looks at oneself thereby leading to the formation of self esteem and pride or conversely, the destruction of it.

Hence, it is very important to have a healthy body image as not only does it help in the physical wellness of a person, but also plays an important role in one’s emotional and psychological development.

Feeling good about one’s body leads to an overall health of a person and also helps in the formation of a healthy self esteem. This in turn decides how a person behaves socially as a person with a positive self would be far more positive and optimistic than a person who has a negative image of himself.

This is particularly seen in teenage girls who link their body image with their self esteem. A low formation of self esteem in turn leads to the alienation of that person who in turn seeks solace in wrong activities like drugs and alcohol.

A healthy body image does not necessarily mean possessing the perfect body figure or the killing looks. Instead, it’s all about perception and the way one perceives oneself. Though, having a healthy and a fit body has its own benefits, having a healthy body image is more important as it decides how you feel about yourself.

Instead of feeling low and depressed with one’s body, one should bring about a change in perception and realize that one’s body is one’s own and one should learn to accept and love it. This in turn would bring a positive change in the social and psychological aspect of a person.

Moreover, one can always try to improve one’s body if it is too fat or too thin and if a person has a positive frame of mind, these reformations with the body can be done in a healthier and a safer way. Thus, one needs to develop the right attitude and a healthy body image so as to live a happy and a successful life.

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