A Guide To Purchase The Perfect Perfume For Your-self

Purchase The Perfect Perfume For Your-self

Purchase The Perfect Perfume For Your-self Buying your-self a perfume can be quite a daunting task. With so many different brands offering such a wide range of scents, it can be quite confusing and complicated to choose that one perfect perfume you want to assure will suit you and your personality.

However, it’s not so difficult either and all you need to do is get a basic understanding of perfumes and make the right choices while following your natural instinct. Here is a step by step guide to understanding and buying that perfect perfume for you.

How To Buy The Perfect Perfume For Your-self

Understand Your-self And Your Personality

Before you buy perfume, it is imperative that you identify your own personality type. It wouldn’t suit you is you wore a very girly fragrance while you were a sporty personality. It wouldn’t suit you either if you were an easy going personality but wearing a very heavy fragrance. As such, it is required that you learn your own personality well and choose a scent accordingly.

You also need to put into consideration the kind of occasion that you want to choose the perfume for. Heavier scents are better for outdoor or nighttime occasions while the lighter ones are good for work or school. If you plan on buying a signature perfume for yourself, choose one that blends well for all kinds of occasions and suits your personality.

Another point you need to consider while buying perfume for yourself is also the kinds of smells that you enjoy. Whether it is the smell of beautiful flowers and fruits or even the smell of freshly baked cookies or probably the smell of wet earth, the world of perfume has a lot of blends in store for you to choose from. So know your preferences well.

Know The Different Types Of Fragrances

Fragrances can be widely categorized into four types to suit different kinds of personalities.


The floral fragrances ooze femininity. If you are the sweet, playful, flirty girly girl who is always the center of attention, then this fragrance type is definitely meant for you. Rose and gardenia are some examples of floral fragrances. These fragrances can also be blended together with other kinds.

Floral Perfume

A hint of vanilla and amber can warm up these fragrances while spicy undertones can give them a seductive touch. Fruity florals such as juicy plums, fresh peaches and ripe berries are also turning out to be popular choices.


The fresh or fruity range of fragrances can vary from citrus to green to water and each of them radiates coolness. So if you are the relaxed but fun loving and sporty type, this fragrance will suit you just right. Citrus fragrances are light and clean and exude the freshness of lemon, grapefruit and mandarin. The green fragrances bring out the essence of freshly cut grass, tea leaves or marine plants. They radiate a crisp and sporty feel. Water fragrances give out a light and refreshing aura. Some of the water fragrances make your skin smell like an ocean breeze or rain or wet earth.


Oriental perfumes are rich and exquisite. So if you are the kind of personality that radiates boldness, sophistication and control, this fragrance will be a good bet for you. These perfumes glow with the warmth of spices, amber and musk adding to your luxurious, warm and sensuous personality.

chocolate Perfume

They also exude mystery. A newer subclass of the oriental fragrance called the gourmand is catching up with popularity. These fragrances smell more like a dessert with hints of vanilla, chocolate, coffee, caramel or spice.


Woody perfumes are best suited for those who are free spirited yet sensual and nurturing. So if you are the kind of girl who knows exactly what she wants and gets it too, then woody fragrances are meant for you. These perfumes are blended with notes of sandal wood, patchouli, cedar wood or amber. Some perfumes even come with notes of leather, tobacco, smoke or burning wood. They are considered tougher and are portray masculinity.

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Identify The Three Types Of Perfume Notes

Top, middle and base are the three types of notes that perfumes normally have. While the top notes are what it smells like as soon as you have sprayed the perfume, they aren’t long lasting. The middle notes are the ones that come next but don’t last excessively long either. It is the base notes which last the longest but become evident only after a while.

Identify The Three Types Of Perfume Notes

It is therefore necessary that you like the base note of the perfume that you buy. To ensure this you may try only one perfume at a time. Depending on what you have shortlisted based on your personality and preferences try on the scent and allow it to completely settle down before making your final purchase.

Understand Perfume Concentrations

The Eau De Parfum and Eau De Toilette are the two basic types of perfume concentrations. The Eau De Parfum is highly concentrated while the Eau De Toilette is milder. This also makes the previous kind more expensive than the latter. Due to its higher concentration, the Eau De Parfum requires only a few sprays and lasts longer. Also, perfumes last longer on oily skin, so it is advisable that if you have dry skin, invest in the Eau De Parfum variant or use a moisturizer that matches your perfume.

Put The Perfume To Test

Once you have understood your personality and the different kinds of perfumes, it will become easier for you to shortlist on the kind of perfume that you want for yourself. Once you’ve also considered your budget and done the short listing, all you need to do is visit the nearby store and do the testing. There are also some websites that offer sample vials for trying on and if you were to personally contact some of the perfume houses, they might even send you samples to try on. Don’t try too many at a time though.

Put The Perfume To Test

The best areas on your body for putting a perfume to test are your pulse points, such as the inner wrist, neck, behind the ears or your inner elbows. Spray on the perfume but don’t get too lavish with it. Although the smell may not be very obvious to you initially, it will definitely be obvious to others. So be careful. Allow the perfume to settle down for a while so that you finally get a fragrance of the base notes. Make the purchase only if you’ve liked the base notes.

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