We all want glowing skin and to look fresh and fabulous now Spring has sprung and Summer is creeping upon us! So put the heavy foundations and powders to one side cos the fabulous magicians at BENEFIT COSMETICS have the key…


What you see above are the key products I now use daily as the perfect base whether I want a casually flawless day time look or an impossibly glamorous evening face! Of course you add the eyes and lips for your own style but it all starts with the base! My FAVOURITE product of the lot has to be the brand new Dandelion Shy Beam. In similar packaging to the High Beam, Posy Tint and Bene Tint before it, I was just expecting a baby pink version of these cheek highlighters… oh but this is SO much more! It is thicker and gives coverage, for starters, it also has a matte finish but isn’t dry or powdery! And you can use it not just on the cheek bone, but under the eye, around the nose, on the jewels; anywhere you need a pick-me-up and a highlight! I. LOVE. IT.

BENEFIT COSMETICS My top tip is to add Shy Beam on top of Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation for indeed a flawless finish. The foundation is light but gives very good coverage. Yes, you still need concealer on dark spots or blemishes but it’s the only dewy finish I’ve found that doesn’t leave you shiny but also covers any rosy cheeks and evens out complexion. You can see the effects of the products combined in the un-airbrushed photo above.

BENEFIT COSMETICS Erase Paste in Fair is a much creamier alternative to my usual fave, Boing 01 (which may be too dry and heavy for this light summer look.) And for brows, well I’m loving the Instant Brow pencil which has a waxy pencil and a brush on the other end so you can not only color but style and set your brows in place, if they tent to be a little wayward like mine!