A Few Simple Steps That Will Help Keep Breast Cancer At Bay

A Few Simple Steps That Will Help Keep Breast Cancer At Bay

A Few Simple Steps That Will Help Keep Breast Cancer At Bay Breast cancer is one of the worst diseases that many women are afflicted with. It is also one of the largest killers among woman across the world. Why is breast cancer so formidable and what can you do to help prevent the occurrence of breast cancer? You will find some of your answers here.

What can be the reasons?

Breast cancer starts spreading through the breast tissues and gradually spreads to the rest of the body. Thus it is extremely necessary that it is detected before it gets too late. Woman who usually have a late pregnancy are more prone to developing breast cancer than those who have their babies before the age of 30.

Also, many researches show those women who have more than one child are less at risk then women who bear a single child especially crossing thirty.
If you have started menstruating at an early age (before 12) and have a late menopause then you can be susceptible to breast cancer as well.

Doctors always advice new mothers to breast feed them not only to keep the baby healthy but also to promote awareness regarding breast cancer and the role that breast feeding plays in order to reduce the chances of cancer.

Other factors like middle age, bad eating habits, family history of cancer and even genetic disorders can trigger breast cancer in many women. Thus in order to keep yourself safe you must take whatever steps necessary in little ways to have a long healthy and hearty life!

What are the steps that you should take in order to prevent breast cancer?

The logic is simple when it comes to keeping healthy and free from diseases. Maintain a healthy weight, eat healthy, exercise and screen yourself regularly for any lumps when you cross forty and are nearing menopause.

Prevention is better than cure, thus screen yourself at home

Self examination is the first step in preventing the onset of breast cancer. So conduct a self check by yourself. Check yourself when you take a shower. Simply lift your hands and in soft circular motions press your breast to feel any lumps or any change in skin texture or any discharge that seems unusual. Usually inverted nipples or wrinkling of the skin or small lumps can signify the growth of a tumor.

If you feel anything unusual then immediately go to a doctor and take a screening before it is too late. Especially when you cross forty a regular screening once a year at least is necessary, women in their thirties and late twenties should get a screening done once in three years especially if they have a history of cancer running in the family. Self examination is an important step in protecting yourself from breast cancer.

The importance of exercising

Exercising will not only help keep you free from any form of cancer but it will help keep you fit generally. It will keep your body and your immunity strong and helps you shed that extra weight that you tend to put on after forty. So exercise at least 5 times a week.

It is not always the best idea to have an intense work out regime as it can harm your bones in the long run but performing yoga is one of the best ways in keeping fit and away from diseases of all kinds. Swimming and cycling are also great ways of staying healthy and fit.

Walking and its benefits

Doctors however advice that walking and performing light aerobics is one of the best ways proven to keep away from cancer along with other diseases. If you do not like exercising then the best alternative to it of course is walking! You have to be religious and consistent with your walking regime.

Take out at least half an hour of time form your schedule and walk briskly. Do not get tempted by a sedentary lifestyle! Always be active as most doctors rightly advice, when you visit the mall it must be a comfortable taking the escalator but taking the stairs is definitely healthier!

So take stairs wherever you can and opt for walking small distances to the supermarket or a friends place when you can! It will not only keep cancer at bay but even other diseases like diabetes, heart problems and obesity.

Eat healthy and stay healthy

Manage and restrict your diet to keep cancer at bay. Take healthy options and eat food that can help you prevent cancer and protect your body. Try and cut down on your alcohol intake and if possible cut it off completely. Women who do not drink are less at risk than women who are regular drinkers. It is the same with smoking.

If you are a regular smoker, as a woman you are not only at risk from breast cancer but lung cancer as well. Include lots and lots of fruits and vegetables to keep healthy. Vegetables like carrots, beans, cabbage, lettuce and of course tomatoes!

Do not eat a lot of processed food and stick to eating fresh fruits after each meal. It will be even better if you can follow up your dinner with fresh fruits instead of some rich dessert! Of course you can be excused sometimes! Even mango is excellent in helping you fight cancer so go ahead and indulge yourself! Strawberries, apples, bananas, raspberries are known for their cancer fighting abilities, so load up on these.

Grapes are excellent against cancer and have got great cancer fighting properties. Make some positive reforms in your diet to be healthy. Replace the whites with the browns. Eat brown bread and brown unpolished rice. Eat at least one type of nuts in the morning. Almond can do beautifully or even walnuts.

Fishes like black cod and salmon are good for your body and immunity system. Spices are good for your immunity as well. Include oregano, rosemary and basil in your diet. Garlic and ginger will not only add great flavor to your food but are important for your immune system as well.

Do not use vegetable oil rather opt for olive oil and flaxseed oil as a cooking medium. Try and make fresh food at home and avoid processed food as much as possible.

Restrict the consumption of red meat as much as possible. Do not deep fry your food. Rather cook on low oil to prevent the oil from burning and turning carcinogenic. So cook healthy, eat healthy and stay healthy and free from illnesses!

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