If you’re looking for a hidden gem of an eatery/ bar with a cool vibe, edgy decor and fab food, then you’ve stumbled upon the right blog post! WEST THIRTY SIX has a classic, British old school charm (all leather chairs and vintage book cases) and even a rooftop bar to catch the last rays of summer. During our visit it was decidedly rainy so we stayed indoors to enjoy the food and cocktails from a snug armchair upstairs! WEST THIRTY SIX All the food was amazingly presented, starting with entrees; our favourite being the prawns and garlic mayo (mmmmmmm) and the cutest selection of beetroot and gaucamole dips. These were swiftly followed by a round of drinks, the “Full Marks” cocktail deserving of a special mention (yes, it gets full marks from me, hahahaha, erm, anyway…) WEST THIRTY SIX WEST THIRTY SIX WEST THIRTY SIX Mains were gorgeous and had to be ordered with a side of fries (well, we insisted upon it) If you follow their instagram account, these are famous at West Thirty Six for the fashion in which they overspill from their steel cup. Granted they are more like crisps than chips (skinner than normal fries, these are positively crunchy, if you’re after classic chips then go for the fat wedge chips instead.) I had the pulled pork burger which was as scummy and gooey as it looks in the picture! WEST THIRTY SIX WEST THIRTY SIX WEST THIRTY SIX When it comes to desert it takes a lot to impress me – we ordered the “Bar of Chocolate” which was more cake than classic chocolate bar, don’t worry, and comes with a side of honey comb ice-cream. Yum. We also had the “Build Your Own Sundae” which is a cute concept in which you’re given an order form to select you 4 flavors of ice cream and 4 toppings! We liked very much! WEST THIRTY SIX With so many bars and restaurants popping up all over town it really takes something a little bit different to stand out from the rest and with West Thirty Six it really was all about presentation and doing things with a twist, which went down a storm with my guests. A great way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon, I say! Go hop on the tube and it’s a 10 minute walk from Westbourne Park station. Well worth a visit!

WEBSITE: www.W36.co.uk INSTAGRAM: @WestThirtySix INFO: 36 Golborne Road, North Kensington, W10 5PR/ 0203 752 0530 / r[email protected]