7 Solid Reasons Why Women Get Married

7 Solid Reasons Why Women Get Married

7 Solid Reasons Why Women Get Married In the current world of female empowerment and gender equality, women are somehow losing interest in the institution of marriage. It might be that in this modern era, they have suddenly realized that there is more to their lives than procreation and furthering of a lineage.

The new-found financial and moral independence among these new breed of women has somehow led many of them to venture into the world of singlehood. Somehow the stifling impediments of matrimony and the restricting life of a wife have lost its appeal. In fact many women are opting to be single parents than to be burdened with the woes of a married life.

With the rise in the number of single and divorced women, is it to be believed then that the institution of marriage is going to be extinct? It is unlikely, because there are still many women left who believe in the sanctimony of marriage and swears by its values.

But with a look at the alarming number of reluctant brides, it can be safe to assume that there has to be a fresh drive towards reviving the interest of women in marriage and erase the age-old assumptions about matrimonial duties from their minds. There are a lot of advantages to being married and once we look beyond the fear in our minds about the institution, we can start a new life with a positive attitude.

The Bond Of Companionship

We, as humans are social animals and require the company of our fellow human beings in our lives. It might be the care and affection of our parents, the camaraderie between siblings, the shared goodwill between friends or the passion between lovers. In all the various stages of our lives, we are flanked by the company of fellow human beings.

Among all these relationships and interactions, we have only one which is the longest and most enduring. That is the relationship between two married people. That is the only relation which has the potential of a life-long commitment, keeping the divorce rates aside. You will not have the company of your parents for your entire life. Friends and siblings will make a life of their own and get busy. The only bond that you can potentially have for a lifetime is that of matrimony.

Shared Worries Are Always Halved

We undergo a lot of worries in our lifetime and once we become older we are reluctant to burden our parents with our problems. Even though friends help by their support and encouragement, again we don’t like to bother them too much.

But it is a different matter with a spouse; you can share even the minutest of your worries and the biggest of your concerns with them. It is a moot point whether your spouse is able to help you or not, but the fact that you have someone to share your problems with, lessens your burdens by half.

The Romance Of A Life Time

Although one might loath to be tied with one particular person for their entire lives, there is another perspective to it as well. A person might talk about enjoying their single status with a multitude of lovers and partners instead of being ties to one, but this is the talk of youth and beauty.

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But it is another matter when you are in your middle ages without your beauty or grace and find yourself longing for a warm body next to you, to share the cold nights of winter. Whoever has experienced the bliss of being in love realizes the feeling of having that person beside them forever. There is nothing to take away the romance of a life-time that a marriage promises, if we are wise enough to see them.

Marriage Will Make You Happier And Healthier

Now, this is a fact which has been proven after a lot of research and surveys. It has been found after many studies that married people are on an average happier and as a result healthier, than their single counterparts. Before, you start laughing at the joke, it is in fact true that while there might be insurmountable amount of problems in a marriage, when you are happily married, it is one of the best experiences.

The Practicalities Of Life

One might argue that companionship and a life-time of romance can also be found without marriage and in a live-in relationship. Although that is true, but in many countries, live-in relationship is not legally recognized and even if it is, you don’t get the benefits that you get as a married couple.

There are a lot of legal and official benefits to be had as a married person and it is a practical reason to be tied to the institution. It saves you a lot of official and legal hassles, you can get a loan for your house or your car more easily. Sometimes, it is even easier to rent a place if you are married.

It might seem unfair, but unfortunately, these are the rules. So, it might be a practical reason for you to get married, which becomes easier if you are already in a live-in relationship. After all it is just a matter of signing some papers.

The Sense Of Security

Although a live-in relationship is great, there are some places where a marriage takes away the cake. You will always have a sense of the relationship being temporary in case of a live-in together whereas marriage gives you a sense of permanence. Although, it might seem ludicrous to some, marriage does help a person stay faithful because of the sanctimony of the vows.

Even though there are no guarantees of a marriage staying forever, most people enter a live-in relationship with the feeling that it is temporary. A marriage can provide a lot of security to a woman, especially if she is not financially independent. Just because the divorce rates are high, doesn’t mean that you should enter a married life with a fatalistic attitude.

Marriage Makes You A Responsible Person

You might already be a reliable and consistent person, but if you are not, being married has a high chance of making you become a responsible person. You will learn age-old values of compromise and selflessness and though it might sound like a horrible idea, in reality it also helps you know what kind of a person you really are. The more you get inside the realms of matrimony, the closer you come to understand yourself and your spouse.

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