6 Ways To Make A Man Curious About You

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All relationships thrive on a little mystery. It is always a good sign if your man is curious about you. This will definitely make him more attracted towards you. If you are predictable, then your man may lose interest in you quickly. Being a little more mysterious will make your man curious and give him reasons to pursue you.

Here are some very easy and interesting ways to increase the curiosity meter of a man.

Make A Man Curious

6 Ways to Make A Man Curious About You

Do Not Be an Open Book

Sharing everything doesn’t always means caring. Do not tell him everything about you instantly, let him find out few things in due course. If he knows everything about you too soon he may lose interest as there is nothing new about you that may excite him. Keep mum and keep a few secrets, this is the new mantra.

Don’t be Overtly Friendly and Maintain a Distance

Being friendly and polite will always attract his attention; however, keep him at arm’s length for a while. That way he will yearn to get close to you. If you rush into his arms every time, he may find it attractive about you, but very soon things will get easy for him and he will lose interest. Maintaining a distance in the start will make you all the more tantalizing in his eyes.

Be a Little Evasive and Mysterious

6 Ways To Make A Man Curious

Whenever he wants to know your personal details, be a little mysterious and give evasive replies. This will surely make him so curious that he will long to spend more time with you to get to know you better. The more you act mysterious the more he will try to unravel your secrets.

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Less Alone Time

Another way to make him more curious about you is to spend less time alone with him. This will tempt him to spend more time alone with you. Whenever you are alone be charming and mysterious and this will only make him long you even more. Right after you have turned on his curiosity in you, leave!

Make Him Baffled About not Knowing You Completely

Things that he doesn’t know about you, he will be curious to find out. Men are always baffled if there is something that they do not know about their woman. At times you may find him inquiring about you from common friends. This is a positive sign and shows that he is absolutely curious to know more about you.

Disappear From His Radar for a While

If he suddenly finds you missing from his life he will become exceptionally curious about you. He will wonder where you are, with whom you are, are you seeing someone else or when are you coming back. The simplest way to disappear is to visit a friend or family for a week without informing him about your itinerary. Before leaving, make sure that you have caught his attention. He will go to great extents to find out about your whereabouts if you leave right before he makes a move on you.

Follow the above steps and watch him get excessively fascinated by you in no time.

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