5 Signs He’s Taking You For Granted

Taking You For Granted

Taking You For Granted As a relationship progresses and becomes steady over the years it loses some of its charm and freshness because the partners stop doing small things for each other. The reason behind this is that most partners start taking each other for granted. If you are in such a relationship then you have reason to worry whether the relationship would survive. Read the 5 signs that can tell you if he is taking you for granted.

Signs He’s Taking You For Granted

Your Partner Stops Wishing You On Birthdays And Anniversaries

When your relationship was new he used to remember and celebrate with you all those small anniversaries like the first kiss and the first meeting, etc. But now he does not give much importance to those special days and moments. This shows that he is very comfortable with his relationship with you and does not feel the need to go out of his way to make you feel special.

He Does Not Spring Surprises On You Anymore

Small surprises keep a relationship alive and exciting. In the initial stages of relationship partners like springing sweet surprises on each other to show how much they love and appreciate each other. If he has stopped doing those small things that you used to love so much then it may be that you are being taken for granted. Remember when was the last time when he cooked a meal for you or brought you a bouquet of roses.

He Spends More Time With His Friends

Taking You For Granted

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When a relationship is new and sparks are flying love birds just need excuses to be with each other but a few years down the lane your partner might not want to spend as much time with you as with his friends. This is a sure sign that your relationship is heading towards trouble. Now you need to shake him out of his comfort zone or else this will go on forever and a time would come when you will keep waiting for him to notice you in his life.

He Stops Complimenting You

A woman deserves to be pampered and treated like a princess by her man. If your man does not even bother to compliment you on your appearance as well as the small chores you do for him then it is clear to see that he believes that you will always be there for him no matter how he treats you. If he does not give you compliments or say thanks to you it implies that he expects you to do those things for him. He needs to be reminded that you cannot be taken for granted.

He Does Not Try To Impress You

When a relationship is new, partners feel the need to impress each other with their appearance or by simply helping out each other in their chores. If you have been in a relationship for long and your man has stopped caring for his appearance it is meant that he does not want to stir your interest in him by making you notice him.

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