5 Positives Of Cohabiting Before Marriage

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Living together or cohabiting before marriage has always been more popular among the urban population of the Western and European countries; but the recent times have seen a rise in cohabiting couples in the rest of the world as well.

India, which lives and breathes in its rich traditional values, saw a huge leap forwards through the judicial ruling which legalized cohabitation or living together before marriage. Recent statistics found through surveys done among the younger population, shows that a huge number of them prefer to live together than get into a marriage without testing the waters first.

Some even prefer to forgo the institution of marriage altogether as matrimony just signifies a legal binding to them. The fact that so many prefer to live together instead of entering into matrimony straightaway somewhere shows that there must be certain advantages to this arrangement.

If there were none, then there wouldn’t have been such a huge number of couples living together in perfect harmony in the modern world. Here is a look at some of the advantages of cohabitation or living together before marriage.

No Legal Bindings

With the increasing number of divorces being filed each day; is it any wonder that couples prefer a test match before committing to the finals? Besides, the word divorce itself conjures up terrifying pictures of the legal hassles, taking rounds of the family courts, parting with a frightening amount of hard-earned cash, the bitterness of the arguments, among just a few.

The very fact that there are no legal bindings in cohabiting gives the partners the freedom to live together freely without any mental hiccups. The freedom to leave the relationship without facing any legal complications is a tempting thought for both the partners and is a major advantage to cohabit rather than marry. Many couples have admitted that the very fact that there are no legal ties have made them more committed towards each other.

Testing The Waters

Living together give couples the advantage of testing each other’s compatibility before they enter into the legality of a marriage. It takes ages to really get to know a person and committing to stay together forever without knowing if your personalities are compatible seems to be a huge bet.

Just because one loves a person doesn’t mean that they will be able to live together forever. But when one has already entered into the institution of marriage and then realizes the fact that they are incompatible, the partners either compromise and manage or get divorced.

Whatever the situation, knowing each other before marriage by living together would not have given rise to it. It might be prudent to understand your partner’s habits and preferences to lead a happier married life; which is only possible by observing their habits firsthand. This is only possible by cohabiting before marriage.

The Economic Angle

When a couple is not married but is in a long term relationship, they might feel that sharing the rent and expenses makes more sense than spending money to go on dates. It makes complete sense to share the living expenses and food in this day and age of high cost of living. A couple might decide to move in together for economic reasons; which might not seem to be a very romantic angle but has practical value.

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After all marriage is also a union where two people share their living quarters and their expenses and bank accounts. The only difference is that they have a piece of paper to show for it while a couple who is living together do not. But the greatest economic advantage is that there is no question of shelling out huge dollar bills to lawyers and courts when any legal issues are raised later.

The Never Ending “Honeymoon Period”

In a marriage there is always a honeymoon period which eventually ends and then the reality sets in and the problems start. In a living together relationship, the honey moon never started in the first place, so there is no question that it will have an end..

It is always a honeymoon period in the lives of cohabiting partners, unlike their married counterparts. Although there are problems and issues which crop up in a live-in relationship as well, but there is no feeling of constraint or the feeling of “being stuck with it”, which makes conflicts much easier to resolve.

The very fact that a couple sees each other as a “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” instead of a husband and a wife helps to keep the romance alive in the relationship. The boredom which usually comes as a package in a married life is somewhat counteracted in a cohabiting relationship because of its flexibility.

Less Heartbreak And Pain

When a couple enters a marriage, they enter it with the thought of being together forever till death parts them. On the other hand, in a live-in relationship the couples are already prepared about the unbinding nature of the relationship and that it might not have permanence.

They know that their partners are free to come out of the relationship at any point and that awareness helps them to be prepared about the uncertainty of the future. The fact that both the parties are aware about the elasticity of their relationship helps to avoid the heartache and pain that usually follows the end of a marriage.

It does not mean that both parties are equally indifferent to the pain and loss of the parting, but then in most cases their preparedness helps to ease the sting. Although there are advantages to living together before marriage, different people have different views about this kind of partnership and it remains a very personal choice.

There are many places which ban cohabitation before marriage and this offence is punishable under the law in many countries. Also, in some countries even though it is legal to live together before marriage but still society frowns upon the practice. There are a lot of facts that should be considered before one decided to enter into a living together relationship.



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