5 Effective Tips To Use Urine To Get Clear Skin

Use Urine To Get Clear Skin

Use Urine To Get Clear Skin

One of the major concerns among people is to get clear and glowing skin. Nowadays people face many skin related problems like, acne, scars, blemishes, spots, black heads etc. All these problems are a big hindrance in the beauty as well as personality of the person.

So, people try various ways and methods to get rid of these problems to get beautiful and clear skin. There is no doubt that clear skin is dream of all. But it is very difficult to get such skin because of the increasing skin problems. People go in for various professional treatments and try various home remedies to get the perfect skin but these may prove beneficial only to some extent and only for a shorter period of time.

This calls for finding a solution which is effective as well as which helps to get more permanent results. One such treatment is the use of urine to clarify the skin. This idea may sound very weird to you. But it is actually very effective thing. If you really want to explore how then read this article carefully and then try its tips to see the result from your own eyes.

Because of its positive results urine therapy is becoming more and more popular among many people. It is also known as uropathy or urinotherapy. This therapy involves the use of urine in two ways. One by using it internally that is by drinking one’s own urine and second is by applying the urine on the affective areas.

Urine is supposed to have a combination of rich nutrients and antibodies which have the power to combat various diseases. When it comes to the problem of making the skin clear this therapy uses urine by applying it on the affected areas. Using it on regular basis shows very positive results but it is very essential to use it in the right way to get clear skin.

Use First Urine Of The Day

Though urine secreted at any time can be used to treat the skin but for best results one should use the first urine of the day. The reason for this is that the first urine is most concentrated one and it is more rich in nutrients and antibodies so, it can show very good results when it is applied on the affected areas.

Composition of urine is water, urea, minerals, hormones salts, as well as enzymes. The content of water is about 95 % and urea is 2-5%. Rest are enzymes, salts and minerals. To get maximum benefit the first urine should be used. The first urine of the day can be stored in an air tight container but it should be used within few hours for better results.

A Very Good Remedy To Treat Acne

Urine therapy is very effective to handle the problem of acne which is one of the major concerns among many people. The major cause of acne is excessive production of sebum that is the oily substance by the sebaceous glands which results in the formation of pimples, scars, and black and white heads.

Clear Skin

When applied on the acne prone areas the urine acts to help the skin get rid of extra amount of sebum on it thereby helping to reduce the acne prone problems. In many cases it has proved to be the best remedy to cure and treat one of the most common skin problem i.e. acne.

Use Urine To Remove Dead Layer Of Skin

The urine should be applied on the face thoroughly. Apply it generously on the fore head, cheeks, nose and chin. Avoid the lips and eye lids. Use a cotton ball to spread it on the entire face. Then let it dry for at least 15 – 20 minutes. Applying it on the skin helps to remove and get rid the layer of the skin which is dead.

Remove Dead Layer Of Skin

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The urea present in the urine helps to do this activity. The longer is the application time of the urine the better are the results. It can even be applied for one hour. The face should be washed with water. It can also be applied twice a day if you have severe skin related problems.

The effects of the use of urine can be seen in one week only. The skin becomes clear, clean and acne free. Initially, there may be mild tinkling feeling on the skin because of the application of urine but it fades away with time and there is no bad odor also. So, it can be used very comfortably.

Can Be Applied On Scars, Pimples And Black Heads Alone

If you find it difficult to massage urine on the whole face then you can apply it just on the affected areas. Just dab the urine cotton ball on the pimples, zits, scars and black heads. Let it be there for some time and then wash it with water. This will definitely help to make the skin clear and it will also improve the texture and quality of the skin by making it more soft and supple.

Applied On Pimples

Urine Acts As A Very And Effective Good Toner

Urine is one of the best toner. It has antibodies which can easily kill the harmful bacteria on the skin. The best part about it is that it is 100% natural so there are no chances of chemical reaction and side effects from it. It cleans the pores of the skin very effectively.

Effective Good Toner

The idea of applying urine on the face may sound very funny to you but believe me it actually works! Just try using it and see the result from your own observation. Initially you may find using urine very difficult but with time it may become very easy for you.

So, stop thinking that urine is a useless and insignificant thing which should be disposed off. Rather it is a very important thing which has the power to not only cure various diseases but also to enhance the beauty and glow of the skin.