5 Effective Tips For Beautiful Eye Make Up

5 Effective Tips For Beautiful Eye Make Up

5 Effective Tips For Beautiful Eye Make Up Eyes are one of the very important features of the face. There is no doubt that impressive and beautiful looking eyes improve the looks as well as contribute a lot in enhancing the overall personality of the person.

It is very essential to apply right make up on the eyes to get desired over all look. Now days wide range of products for eye makeup are available but it is very essential to use these products in the right manner to give desired look to the eyes. A person doing the eye make up must have patience and creative ideas to give the eyes the best look.

We all know that practice makes a man (woman) perfect. The more a person will practice doing the eye makeup the more effectively it can be done. Good eye makeup will always enhance the personality and style expression of a person so it is very important to follow the right guidelines to apply the makeup on the eyes.

Foundation and eye shadows

The first and foremost thing to do for the eye make up is to put foundation in the eye area. Apply that foundation which is one tone lighter to your actual skin tone. Then use loose semi-transparent powder to dust the area. This step is important so that eye make up can stay for on the eyes for long time.

For the middle aged people it is advisable to use a primer makeup and then use the foundation so that the make up stays for long. Be careful when you are using an eye shadow as while using it lot of dust can accumulate in the area around the eyes .

To keep the area around the eyes clean it is better to use a folded tissue paper under the lower eye lash while using the eye shadow. Eye shadows are very effective in providing different dimensions to the eyes. There are three tones of eye shadow which can be used.

These are light, medium or deep tone but one can opt for any two of these. Use a soft haired eye make up brush and sweep the area from the lash line of the upper lid area to the bone area of the eyebrow passing the eye lid crease and you get a light tone.

To get the medium tone, use the top narrow edge of the soft haired eye brush and sweep the natural crease of the upper lids ensuring that the blending is done properly. For getting the deep tone smaller eye make up brush is used which have firm bristles.

Then sweep along the upper eye lash line ensuring that the blending is done very well for the natural crease and under the lower lash line. There might be certain rules to follow but the best results can be obtained by trying out the different tones and combinations of them and checking out the ones which match the style and personality as well as the overall look of the person.

Use of eyeliner

Eyes can be given shape and defined well using the eyeliner. Dark eye shadows along with the eyeliners give a very beautiful look to the eyes. To do so a slanted brush should be made wet and dipped in a dark eye shadow.

The eyes should be lined very close to the upper lashes doing it from the inner corner of the eyes to the outer corner of the eyes. The liner should be used from the middle to the outer part on the bottom part of the eyes. Eyelash curlers can be used to open the eye lashes and make them appear longer.

Eye curlers can work like magic to give impressive look to the eyes. The eyes look gorgeous when eyelash curler is used. The curler can give added effect if it is heated under a blow dryer for few seconds. Be careful to test the curler before using it so that it does not burn the skin.

Application of mascara

The eye makeup is incomplete without the use of mascara. Use the mascara wand and start putting the mascara at the base of the eye lashes. Twist the mascara wand slightly so that the bristles grip and many lashes get coated with the mascara when the wand is moved towards the tip.

Application of too many coats of mascara is not suggested. Using it two times is fine for the perfect look. Applying the mascara requires experimenting for couple of time and then only the hand will be set and application of mascara can be done well.

You may or may not apply mascara on the lower lashes. Hold the wand vertically and try out putting the mascara stroke by stroke so that you can make out how much mascara should be applied to the lower lash. Use the brush so that the lashes become separate and there is no clump accumulated on the lashes.

Highlighting the eye brows

A highlighter can be used to brighten the eyes. This is done in the inside part of the eyes. The lightest eye shadow can be put in the inner corner of the eye and this will definitely brighten the eyes. Highlighting the eyebrow is also very important step in the eye makeup.

The light eye shadow which is used in the inner corner of the eyes to brighten them can be used for highlighting the brow by dabbing it on the brow bone. Dab more of the eye shadow on the mid-brow bone area taking it towards the outer part.

For the sparse or fair eye brows the eye brow impact can be achieved by using the eye brow pencils. Make sure you pick up the right shade of the eye brow pencil. The strokes used should be fine to give a natural touch to the eye brows.

Remember that eye makeup is the most integral part of the overall make up. So, give special attention while applying the makeup on the eyes.

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