15 Useful Tips To Increase Your Brain Power

15 Useful Tips To Increase Your Brain Power

15 Useful Tips To Increase Your Brain Power If you want to score higher marks in exams than the girl who always stay on top or if you want to impress your boss with mind blowing ideas then here are some tips for you that can help you to fulfill your wish and increase your brain power.

Try your best to recall things which you find hard to remember. Do not take help of others if you forgot something very important instead keep trying to remember it. This is a great way to give your brain a boost.

Engage yourself in those activities which require some thinking. Always try to do those activities that require a lot of thinking, for example, if you love playing games then go for chess, scrabble, brain teasing games etc. Try to solve puzzles published daily in newspapers and magazines.

You can also try your hand at the Sudoku puzzle cube. If you love cooking new recipes then carefully read their preparation from magazines or newspapers then start making them without checking their ingredients and quantities again.

Do Exercise Daily

Doing exercises daily will not only help you to stay fit and healthy but will also increase your brain power. Are you finding this hard to digest? Strange, but it is true, exercise increases your blood circulation and improves brain functions.

Concentrate Your Mind On Whatever You Do

Most of the people think of something else while doing their work. This is not a good habit as it decreases the concentration power of the person. Therefore, focus your attention on your work even if it is a normal house work. Follow this routine for few days and you will soon see the difference in yourself. Do not let your mind distract even for few minutes. You will be able to memorize things better.

Learn Creative Techniques

Learn how to do things differently. Think of new ways and methods of doing a particular task. This will enhance your brain power and you will enjoy doing your work.

Read Knowledge Based Books

Develop the habit of reading knowledge based books. This will not only increase your knowledge but also increase your brain power. Forget all about comics and simple story telling books for some time. Move ahead and read science books, general knowledge books, encyclopedias etc. You will enjoy reading them and will love to know new scientific facts.

Discuss Latest And Current Topics With Your Friends

You can discuss topics of your interest with your friends. This will give you an opportunity to share your knowledge and ideas with them. You will come to know about those things which you have not heard of and will be able to develop creative ideas.

Think Positively

Positive thinking will help you see things from a different perspective. No matter how worse the situation is, you will be able to deal with it better. You might be thinking how a person can stay positive when everything is going bad for him or her. You will not gain anything by thinking negatively.

15 Useful Tips To Increase Your Brain Power

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But negative thinking will greatly affect the activity of your brain. You will not be able to visualize things clearly. So it is better to stay away from negative thoughts. On the other side, if you will think positively, you will remain happy in every situation and your memory power will increase.

Eat Foods That Will Increase Your Brain Power

The food you eat not only affects your body but also your mind. Foods that help in increasing brain power are wholegrain foods, walnuts, pecans, almonds, cashews, blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, green tea, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, eggs, red cabbage, tomatoes, spinach, broccoli and avocados. So what are you waiting for? Include all these brain foods to your diet and increase your memory power.

Find Answers Of Your Own Questions

Stop asking the answers of your questions from others. Instead try to find the answers yourself by reading relevant books, searching internet and collecting information from other sources. This way you will gain more knowledge and will be able to understand things better. This activity will help you to sharpen your memory.

Pen Down Your Thoughts

Write poetry, an article, a blog or whatever you feel like. Writing will help you to think beyond your capacity.

Take Challenging Tasks

Do not shy away from challenging task but face it confidently and boldly. No matter how difficult the task is, make your best effort to complete it. These tasks will motivate you to do your best. People resist the idea of taking up challenging tasks because they are not willing to use their brain beyond their limits.

They feel satisfied in doing their normal work and avoid challenging situations. This attitude will act as a hindrance in the path of their success. Therefore, shed all your inhibitions and prepare yourself to face challenging tasks.

Note Your Daily Activity In A Notebook

Keeping record of your daily work will improve your brain power. You will be able to remember things better.

Teach Someone

Teach others what you have learned in your school or college. This will help you to remember your lessons once again. You will be able to understand the topics which you failed to learn during your school days better. If you come across any difficult problem while teaching then think of ways of solving them and avoid taking the help of guides. Try to find out the answer of the problem yourself. This will increase your brain power and sharpen your memory.

Post Your Comments On Websites

If you come across any topic on the internet in which you have great interest and good knowledge then do not forget to post your views, ideas or comments. People who will visit that site will also go through the testimonials and comments posted on the website. In this way you will be able to share your ideas and gain new knowledge on a wide variety of topics. Give a try to these following tips and surprise everyone with your brilliance.

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