Fashion, Skin Care & Makeup


Facial Skin Care

Our skin needs proper nurturing for that perfect glow which is not artificial but a reflection of proper health. If you think that there is some secret behind a perfectly glowing skin, then you are wrong


Tips for Beautiful Lips

Who doesn’t want to have those beautiful, full lips? After all, they add to the glamour and style of a person. However, you must have often noticed your lips cracking and drying

Diet and Recipes


Ways to Control Hunger

Do you often feel a desire to rush into your kitchen or open your refrigerator’s door for some delicious dish? Many of us keep feeling pangs


Fertility Boosting Foods

Planning to have a baby? Searching for some fertility boosting treatments and methods? Well, you don’t need to search for any treatment

Exercice & Fitness


Aromatherapy Blending

Aromatherapy is a very popular these days due to the wide spread of its healing powers. It uses various essential oils to bring about

Leg Toning Exercises

Having long beautiful and toned legs is the desire of most people. Exercises not only help in toning of legs but also provide them with strength and flexibility

Pregnancy & Care

Tips on Pregnancy Workout

Not only does exercising during pregnancy help you in remaining in perfect figure, it also helps in enhancing your overall health and stamina. However, there are many doubts


handling breakup

Overcoming Heartbreak: Tips

Break up especially with your first love is fatal thing to happen, however life has to move on and one has to find ways to concentrate

Family & Living

Cranky Toddler

Handling a Cranky Toddler

As a first time mother it always comes as a surprise when you see your otherwise angelic, energetic toddler turn into a possessed Chucky…

Best Baby Massaging Techniques

Best Baby Massaging Techniques

Baby massage plays an important role in the healthy growth of a baby. There are certain baby massaging techniques that need to be followed…

Kindergartens And Your Toddler

Long before, kindergartens were seen as large colorful rooms in a house where pre-schoolers get together to have fun and frolic