Whiskers Harbour at Ocean Park, Hong Kong

The Whiskers Harbor at Ocean Park, Hong Kong has as many as ten attractions and is mainly designed for the children.Ocean Park is one of the largest theme parks in South East Asia and is also one of the most popular.

The Park is divided into a number of zones and Whiskers Harbor is one of them. The main attractions of this area include –

Whiskers Harbour Skill Games will test your skills to the fullest. You can compete with your family to see who has a better throwing arm. There are more than twenty arcade styles games that will test your sporting skills. You can even win a special prize.

The Whiskers Theater is the center of all attraction as it plays host to the popular shows like Mini Bird Show, Sea Lion Fun Tine Show and Whiskers & Friends Show.The Sea Lion Fun Time is most popular as the kiddies can take an inside look as to how the stars of the Marine Show prepare themselves.

The Whiskers & Friends Show is an interactive program where you can actually dance and play along with them. This show is sure to impress you.

Merry-go-round is a hit among young children and they will never want to leave this ride!  This is one of the classic races and an eternal favorite among all. Clown A Round is the ultimate for kid’s entertainment. The ride will remove all the frowns on a kid’s face.  Balloon up-up-and-away is quite popular among the children. This is actually a hot air balloon themed ferris wheel ride.

How about hopping in the air? If you are game for it then you will surely love Frog Hopper. The attraction will make you squeal! Bounce, bounce and bounce – if it’s all you want to do then Bouncer House is the right place for you. It is an inflatable, fully padded house where the kids can hop and jump to their heart’s content. The house has enough room so that the limbs can be stretched and bring a smile on their faces.

Food Kiosks

While at Whiskers Harbour you can have food at Clown’s Snacks and Cockatoo Express. The Clown’s Snacks offers kids combo meals and ice creams while at the Cockatoo Express you can get a variety of ice creams and beverages.

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