Wedding Stage Decor
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So you have been saving yourself throughout school and college life because of the stage fright? Well, you will not be able to escape that while getting wed. In order to make the couple stand out distinctively the wedding stage décor is used to create a set –up that will do the needful.

There are such attractive varieties available in the market regarding the wedding stage décor that it will obviously become tricky to choose just one for you. Why bother to look at the journals, internet has a great many options for you too see and select.

The price range varies with each set up.

Use of colourful drapes in different styles and fabrics has become an easy pick for the wedding stage décor. Floral and leafy decorative items too are easy ones to depend upon. But in case you are thinking about some form of theme even then there is no hindrance in experimentation.

You may use ethnic bronze ware are earthen ware as decorative. An interesting option would be to get large sized decorative made as the image copy of the musical instruments. For example, tabla and sitar could be created to give a musical look to the wedding stage.

A stylish sofa can be placed on the stage and accessorized with designer cushions and floral chains .image of gods and goddesses using flowers can be put up at the wedding stage. For example, beautiful floral patterns can be used to develop images of lord Shiva, goddess Parvati and lord Ganesha. These are also considered to be auspicious for the couple.

A place should be kept in the side for the couple may keep their gifts and their flower bouquets. The stage should tell about your personality and your style statement.

It’s that you hire someone who specializes in wedding stage décor