Wedding reception
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As the marriage ceremony concludes at bride’s home and the rituals of Mooh Dikhai and Grah pravesh are over, the next big thing that is waited for is the wedding reception. The wedding reception is given from groom’s side as a gesture to welcome the bride to her new house and introduce her to everyone in groom’s social and family circle.

The important thing is to choose a venue that would suit the grandness of the reception. Since this tradition is all about dancing, eating and drinking there needs to be enough place to house the guests. Accordingly, a good venue must be chosen and it must be booked well in advance.

This wedding reception party can be prepared on a theme according to your budget. Beach wedding reception and reception in heritage hotels with luxurious set-ups are becoming hot picks with newly weds these days.

The dancing stage waits for the first dance that is performed by the couple. Then all the couples present there follow. Once all the couples have had their dance, everyone else can join in. In US Midwest there is a ritual of money dance. Here relatives give money in order to have a dance with either the groom or the bride or both.

The cake is brought in, delicately decorated. Champagne is opened and poured into classes. The guests take their tables for the well awaited feast. The food is served either as a plated dinner or as buffet dinner. If the party is in open then buffet system suits best to the atmosphere. As the feasting is being done, the rituals of Toasts takes place. The official people of toast –making are the father of the bride, the maid of honor, the groom and the best man.

With such affectionate speeches, the wedding reception is achieved.