Wedding Preparations
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Did you think taking a decision for getting married was the only tough thing in this world?

Well, welcome to the world of wedding preparations. Its hectic, it’s a chaos, it’s magical and it’s tiring.

Wedding preparations will need a lot of planning. Do not be amazed if the told you that many people keep planning their wedding side by side even before they have met anyone that could be their future spouse. This only lessens the exhaustion of planning things under pressure, which obviously might lead to absence of something or the other.

If you do not know where to get started from, here is a briefing. You might wonder what all are the areas that need to be planned.

The first thing to do is fix your budget. This is because, everything that you will book or hire will depend on what all you can pay for. There are few broad things that you need to keep in mind. First are the wedding card invitations, the wedding venue, the wedding dress, the caterer and the wedding decorations.

Other topics of important consideration are wedding photography, the wedding jewelry and the wedding favors for important guests. What you can do is make take a sheet of paper and make three columns. In first column, write the list of things that you want to include in your wedding. This should include all the services that will require your expenditures. This column should include the mehndi, wedding cake, wedding jewelry, wedding dress, and name of the wedding planner (if hired).

In the second column, write down the expected expenditure on each of these items.

Try to remain focused on this budget stretch.

In the third column write down the actual amount spent over each of those items.

Doing all this budget listing will help you keep track of all that you will be spending.

Moreover, once you have a detailed listing of what you want to include in your planning, the next step would be implementation.