A majestic bright show :Vikram Chatwal - Priya Sachdev Wedding
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Everyone held their breath as the commencement of wedding celebrations started on 13 th February, 2006 for the New York millionaire Vikram Chatwal. The expected larger than life wedding ceremonies took seven days to complete with each ceremony marked by exquisite themes. The couple finally had their Hindu wedding on February 18, 2006 and then a Sikh wedding (Anand Karaj) on February 19, 2006. But for those who are wondering how Vikram and Priya did meet? Read on

A Cute Wedding Story

Sant, Vikram`s father called up his friend Raja Dhody and his wife Queenie in Mumbai and asked them to find a well educated girl with poise for Vikram just like Queenie who is a former Miss India herself. Raja Dhody told Sant that he had met such a girl some time back but he can’t remember her name. Somehow Queenie traced Priya Sachdev and talked to her parents. Though Vikram and Priya had already met at a previous party some years ago, still Raja threw a party for the couple in order to rekindle the flames of acquaintance. They kept meeting regularly for a year long to develop mutual feelings. Sant even cancelled Vikram`s flight to US so that the couple may have enough times for each other. Rest just followed.

The princely Vikram Chatwal wedding had every thing picture perfect and covered three Indian cities. On 13 th February, the couple had their first wedding ceremony at Shri Niwas Palace of Udaipur where they had a classical Pakeezah White Party. The entire set was created according the Pakeezah movie. Then came the Fantasia Masquerade Island party at the famous Jagmandir Island. It too was theme based and the couple arrived on wearing colorful masks. The elephants and camels were adorned for the Sheesha Poolside Party at Devi Garh Fort Palace. The enthusiastic celebrations were followed by a serene Mehndi function at a private farmhouse. The entire wedding was planned by Vandhana Mohan who took special care to add exotic flower combinations of tiger lilies and tulips for the Vikram Chatwal wedding

The celebrity guests-list could not get royal and majestic than this. Names like Lakshmi Mittal,Naomi Camphell,Joe Crowley,Prince of Iran, Prince Nicolas of Greece and Clinton added further brilliance to the Vikram Chatwal Wedding. Shamak Davar gave a mind blowing performance and wished the coupled a happy married life.