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The tradition of marriage is the 13 th liturgy of the total sixteen that are needed to be performed in human lives. There are many customs based on recitation of various mantras which complete the wedding of the couple. But certain ceremonies neither need any mantras nor any rules. They occur out of emotions.

We all know the degree of joy observed during all marriage ceremonies but this exuberant atmosphere also bears a feeling of sadness for the bride and her loved ones since getting married means she has to leave her paternal house and her parents for good.

This departure of the bride with groom after the wedding ceremony is called Vidaai. Though it has other names like Rukhsati in Muslim marriages and Kschemadandulu in south Indian marriages but the sentiments remain the same. The feeling of reminiscence clouds the atmosphere as tears of sorrow and expectance start to pour and ceremony of Vidaai proceeds.

As the bride realizes that it is time to say her final byes she gives a tight hug to each and every member close to her. As she embraces her mother and father, the sentiments become too hard to take. Sometimes it becomes really difficult to solace the bride and ask her to sit inside the car with her groom and leave.

Once the bride starts to move towards the car she throws rice grains behind her and is asked not to look behind. Her parents as well as her paternal relatives hold out jholli to receive these rice grains. The ceremony symbolizes her anticipation for prosperity in her new life. It is also believed that the gesture is performed by the bride representing an effort of giving back to her parents what ever they had given to her till date.

As the groom and bride take their seat in luxuriously decorated car, her brothers and cousins push the car epitomizing a push start to their sister’s new life. As the car leaves the venue, her relatives throw currency coins behind them in order to ward off evil away from the couple.

A younger brother or sister of the bride may accompany her as a moral support in her new home. They leave afterwards.