Thali and Kalash Decor
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There are many simple ceremonies in Indian wedding that do not require lavish or special set –up.

These include some simple customs to be perfumed in the presence of a small gathering of family members. Small things sometimes become of outmost importance and it’s always treated such things specially and decorates them.

Such items of eminent importance include thaali and Kalash décor.

Thaalis and Kalash are used more or less in similar way across the ethnic belt of the country. But there are many different types of rituals where these items are required.

Let us see how we can do their decorations.

Thaalis for ceremonial purposes are preferred only when made out of brass metal or in silver. In order to give them a “filling look” they might be covered using fresh banana leaves. In the centre, using kumkum power paste with ghee swastika may be drawn in the centre of the Thaal. In order to enhance the appearance of the thaali, small containers made of silver or clay can be placed in a circle at the bordered of the thaali which may be used to contain things essential to carry out the ceremonial rituals. These mat contain things like rice grains, kumkum for tilak, floral petals, sandalwood paste, an earthen flame in ghee

Another option is to use Zari cloth to cover the thali.

Now, let talk about the Kalash décor. Lot experimentation can be for the normal Kalash. A normal Kalash can be decorated with small gota left-over or small mirrors.

The special grate mirror Kalash may be specially bough for the various rituals.

Mango leaves may be arranged in symmetry coming out of the Kalash and these could be held together are the placing the weight on a coconut to close the face of the Kalash.

This is how thaali and Kalash décor can be easily done.