Sangeet Decor
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Sangeet or the musical night is part of both the groom’s as well as the bride`s pre wedding ceremonies. Female relatives as well has neighbors are invited for this functions. Deafening DJ or songs on dholak; the entire atmosphere is only about dancing in enthusiasm, women singing heart touching as well as teasing traditional songs. The Sangeet ceremony is held in the evening only, therefore there are many things one can experiment with to light up the Sangeet décor.

In order to match with such an energetic mood, the Sangeet décor must be in vibrant colors for sure. Bright colored drapes in shades of gold, maroons, yellows, oranges just match perfectly with the vibrant mood of the Sangeet.

Floral decorations are the obvious options when it comes to any form of décor.

Since it is a night functions, jasmine flowers, roses, lilies can be used extensively with a lot of leafy decorative.

The Shamiyanas, if put up in stead of indoor venue must be open enough to avoid any suffocation due to perspiration.

Decorative in the form of bronze wares, large glass candles, and flower bowls bearing candles are hot picks for Mehendi as well as Sangeet décor.

There are many ideas regarding Sangeetdécor available on internet. The best part is that you may have your dream Sangeet décor without hiring a Sangeetdécor professional. Just choosing a set of drapes, ordering some floral chains, collecting some old bronze utensils from your grandma’s kitchen and you are set to have an interesting Sangeetdécor.

Since the Sangeet is followed by a feast for all the guests, therefore enough sitting arrangement is also required apart from the spacious stage or area keep only for dancing.