Pre-wedding Kashmiri rituals
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Kashmiri weddings, like other Indian weddings, are nothing less than a festive affair. As it is, Kashmir is well known for its exquisite beauty and warm society. A Kashmiri wedding seems to be a set example for representing Kashmir and its people.

Pre-wedding Kashmiri rituals stand characteristic to them. Read below to confirm.


It is also called as an engagement. It symbolizes the fixation of marriage between the bride and the groom. It is performed in front of an Idol. The parents of the bride and groom exchange flowers. A traditional Kashmiri meal is served from the bride’s side. The eldest woman in bride’s family prepares a special rice pudding called Var which is distributed to family and friends. Gifts of clothing, fruits and sweets are also given to groom and his family by the bride’s parents.


This ceremony is marked by cleaning of the houses. The Waza or the family cooks are invited who puts on an oven made of mud and brick in the backyard of the house. This is where the traditional meals are cooked.


Kashmiri wedding have not just one Sangeet. As the wedding approaches and few days are remaining, every night musical sessions are held at both the houses.


This ritual is marked by decorating the doors of both the houses. This takes place about a week before the wedding.

Bariyan making

In order to start off with the wedding preparations, lentil cakes or Bariyan are made in both houses.

Thaal sending

Before two-three days to the wedding, 51 thaalis are sent to the groom’s place by bride’s parents. Thaals consist of sweets, fruits, sugar, ghee and gota. Gota being a special mixture made only during Kashmiri weddings.

Phoolon ka Gehna

Floral jewelry arrive from groom’s house which the bride adorns herself with as her first piece of shringar.

Mehendi ceremony is celebrated where intricate henna designing are applied to the bride.


On the day of marriage the elders of the family apply paste of besan, saffron and curd on their heads. Later they take bath and get ready. Bride wears dijaru, which is a distinct ear jewelry worn by married Kashmiri women.

These were the pre-wedding Kashmiri rituals unique to Kashmiri weddings.