Muslim wedding
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Muslim wedding, though a simple affair but is marked by grand décor, fabulous attires and characteristic fragrance of Ittar

The pre-wedding functions in a Muslimwedding involves the ceremony of Mehendi at the bride`s place.

The women relatives, friends and neighbors, all gather to bless the bride and take active part in dancing and singing traditional songs. The evening appears in full bloom as Mehendi patterns, especially of Pakistani design, are being decorated on the hands, palms and feet of the bride. A professional Mehendi applier is called upon for this. The application may take hours to complete such detailed henna patterns.

The bride is then bathed with turmeric paste to provide glow and fair complexion to her.


On the day of the marriage, the groom and his gathering arrive at the venue of marriage where the bride and the gathering from her side are eagerly waiting for them.

On arrival, the groom and the brother of the bride drink sherbet together.

As the baraat enters, the sisters of the bride naughtily slap guests with flower batons.


The wedding ceremony or the Nikaah is performed by the Qazi, a law officer, in presence of two witnesses which he chooses from the gathering.

The amount of Mehar is decided upon by the elder people of the family which is a marriage gift for the bride.

When the nikaah is being read the presence of walis, fathers of the couple, is essential to protect right of each.

The Nikah is first read to the bride. After she accepts it by nodding her head or saying “kubool” the Maulvi reads it to the groom.

After groom also shows his acceptance the marriage is solemnized.

The ceremony of Bidaai takes place after the marriage.

The bride is welcomed by her mother-in-law at the groom’s house. She places a copy of Quran Shareef over her head and asks her to step in.

Chauthi ritual is performed on the fourth day of the marriage. The bride visits her parental house on this occasion.

Muslimwedding also observes ceremony of Valima. It is the party given by the groom for welcoming the wife in her new house.