Indian Muslim wedding
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We all know how every thing about Muslims reminds us of luxuriant life-styles, graceful mannerisms and elegant attires. Indian Muslim weddings are similarly expressions of these adjectives in elaboration.

Men seem look all decked up in stunning sherwani and women wear richly embroidered Shalara, a popular wedding wear. Bride is adorned with thick veil of flowers on her head.

An Indian Muslim wedding or a Muslim marriage is called as a Nikah. As the ceremony proceeds, a Nikahnama is signed by the bride and the groom. The people who are seen as the prime witness to their marriage also sign this Nikahnama.

The wedding ceremonies that are carried out in an Indian Muslim wedding are discussed briefly as follows

Ceremony of Mehendi

Mehendi or henna designs are used to decorate the arms and hands of the bride. The ceremony is performed with singing of songs by the female friends and female members of the family. It is performed in Purdah

Ceremony of Aarsimashaf.

As the baraat of the groom arrives, the bride and the groom are made to sit together as the prayers are being read. There heads are covered with a common marriage dupatta . A copy of quran shareef is kept between the two as they see each other through a mirror.

Ceremony of Rukhsati

As Vidaai in Hindu marriages, the departure of the bride with her husband after solemnization of the wedding is called Rukhsati. The entire atmosphere becomes nostalgic as the bride and her loved ones cry as she leaves her parental house for good.

Welcome ceremony

The bride is welcomed by her mother-in-law by holding quran shareef on her head.

Ceremony of Valima

Valima is called the welcome party given from groom`s side in order to welcome the bride to her new home.