Mehndi Decor
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Mehendi ceremony is a fragrant and exotic ritual. It has its significance mentioned in the text book of Kama sutra that when a girl is adorned with henna designs in her hands, arms, feet, etc, she takes a leap from being a virgin female to a seductress for her man.

May be it is because this that the Mehendi celebration is exclusively for the females in the relatives and in the neighborhood.

Mehendi ritual is well known for its connection with blessed in-laws as well as its fertility properties.

Keeping this entire thing in mind, though it is a smaller function, but Mehendi décor can be done beautifully keeping in mind some simple things.

One thing to remember in Mehendi décor is the comfort. It becomes difficult to be seated on a chair for much longer time. Therefore, the entire seating could be on mattresses. Dark colored mattresses or Darees could be spread out so that incase Mehendi falls on them they don’t look untidy. On the contrary, lower decorative stools or chairs can be used.

A small canopy could be created on two poles above the seat for the bride. In fact, set –up may also be put in the form of a lower seated swing. Using floral items the entire room can be decorated. The color of the henna is green; therefore many fauna items in green can be extensively used.

Themes could be set up using decorative pieces of hukkas and suraahies. Ethnic looking lamps, Mehendi plates and pots could be put up as decorative.

These days Mehendi candles are also becoming hot favorites as part of Mehendi décor.

The light must be kept bright enough for the Mehendi professional to be able to work well.

There are many professionals that deal exclusively in Mehendi décor .you may look out for them on leading wedding magazines as well as then contact them through internet. If that might disturb your budget then, choose a theme closest and place the order for the items. You can do the decorations yourself keeping instructions in mind.