Less talked about but captivating charm of marriages in villages
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Sure marriages in villages are lighter on fashion but the enthusiasm is inexhaustible. The ceremonies start about a month before the main wedding day and the entire community participates with full excitement without any formalities. The dresses of bride are gaudy and usually home-made. Wedding planners may be hired but their help is taken only in making arrangements for hospitality of guests and pandaal set-ups. The traditions are of huge importance in village marriages

Enchanting marriage customs in villages

There are different rituals and customs depending on the community. Usually all the weddings are arranged by parents.

The exquisite tradition of “Gandharv Vivah” in Gramang village of Kullu is simply fascinating. The youngsters are given choice of choosing their partner within the community. They are given freedom to elope and on coming back their wedding are performed as per traditions. This is an ancient system of marriage. They believe that when two people tie nuptial knot it should be based on mutual attraction.

Another interesting custom is seen in the Ammapatti village which is about 700 km from Chennai. The couples who wish to marry are supposed to knee down over 10,000 times before the goddess Jakkamma.

Registration of village marriages

The orthodox system of dowry is still practiced in many villages. This is excruciating for the bride and her parents. In order to solve such matters legal doors are knocked at. In such cases the registration of marriage is helpful. Government is trying hard to create awareness regarding this and the Supreme Court has made the registration of marriages compulsory just as birth and death certifications.

In 2005, under the guidance of the State health minister Suryakanta Mishra, West Bengal encouraged the registration of marriages by gifting free condoms especially to couples who came from countryside for registration of their marriages. This greatly increased the registrations of the village marriages in that area.