Marriage Trends
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The India of today is the land of changes. As noble laureate Amartya Sen has said

If time can change India, then India can change the times

The last two decades has seen a tremendous drift in morals and values existing in the Indian society.

Marriage has always been a very important part of the Indian society. The changing times have greatly influenced the marriage trends existing in the society.

History and the paradigm of changing marriage trends

Contrary to most beliefs, the ancient Indian society had a broadminded spectrum where both men and women were having equal rights of choice. But the medieval times dramatically changed this set up and thus the marriage trends in the Indian society.

The institution of marriage became a source of many social evils like the Purda system, polygamy, child marriage and sati... to name a few.

The marriage trends in India were greatly influenced by conquers and rulers who reigned over India.

Trends of today - A coalescence of two worlds

Marriage trends are often a reflection of society itself. As seen today the Indian society has two very different faces.

One is the vibrant young youth, the stalwarts of a progressing India. This section of the society has a great influence from the western world. Marriage for them has taken a backseat and live-in relationships are gaining its roots faster. According to a survey by India today, a national weekly magazine, 55 % of the youth today prefer career over marriage. Marriage for this section is either a compulsion or convenience. Divorce is an easy option without any hesitations.

But there also exists a very different India as well. An India which is still clinging on to it’s past. For this genera marriage is still the most important duty which one has to perform. The marriage trends have retained their medieval mindset. Parents have all the rights for choosing the life-long partner of their children. Families still exist as huge network of relationships. Word of divorce is frowned upon and sighted as a sin.

What does the future behold?

Well, the marriage trends highlight the conflict that exits in the society. The conflict between the past and the new. As a free society it is for us to decide our destiny. But the best way is to embrace our past to build a bright future.