A word on Common Marriage Problems
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Marriages are made in heaven but the function of its maintenance occurs on earth.

Every married couple experiences critical issues. If not in public then at least in their bedroom.

The problem does not necessarily start post- marriage. Wedding jitters and anxiety about the life long commitment have become visibly common these days. Such is the nervousness that some do not even show up at their own wedding. Best way to handle such circumstances is to talk your heart out to a person whose sincerity you have always trusted. This will help you make an appropriate decision.

The predictable cascade of pre-nuptial stress is overcome only to face the unpredictable storm of common marriage problems. Like fungi and mosses these can grow out of any place. In either case of love or arrange marriage seeds of trouble may grow due to contamination in mutual faith and acceptability .Let us come to straight to the point.

Some common marriage problems

Financial disagreements may occur in couples especially when one is a saver and other a spendthrift. Issues regarding who is penny wise and who is pound foolish may sometimes take an egoistic turn in arguments. Then words become daggers piercing hearts of each leading to severe injury especially to the sensitive male ego.

Sexual satisfaction is one of the most important expressions which bind the marriage stronger. Any form of irrational behavior or insensitivity towards the partner may sow the seeds of permanent disrespect for the other. It also forms the basis of justified infidelity which is emotionally wrecking to handle.

In-law trouble is the evergreen topic of common marriage problems. For women these may arise due to obvious generation gap or due to basic disagreements on tradition or the type of profession they are in. Men too feel awkward by the continuous interference of their in-laws in their marriage. By the end of the day it’s the couple that has to stay together for life. This grounding needs to be understood.

Lack of communication can do to your marriage what even infidelity can’t do. It causes misunderstandings. It is a necessity that the couple must communicate in a way comfortable to both.

The bottom line is no matter what may be the problem; the couple should talk, talk and talk. Marriages are meant to beautify life so pay attention in solving such common marriage problems.