Light party make-up
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It’s not necessary for the bride to do lavish make–up at all pre-wedding ceremonies. In order to keep the high-lightened look exclusively for the wedding day the bride should follow light party make-up for other ceremonies.

Light party make-up will definitely be relevant to your pre-wedding dresses as well. Obviously these dresses would be less gala than the distinctive marriage wear therefore one need to be gentle on the make-up too.

Simple tips

The ceremonies can make you perspire. We understand that you really want to dance and celebrate your joy. But you cannot let all your make-up drain away, even if it was light.

Before you start to apply the make-up rub ice cubes on your face. This will help to cool your facial skin and tighten it. A great tip to fight perspiration.

To make sure the ice hasn’t tightened the skin too much, you should use a little amount of moisturizer mixed with your foundation. This is necessary if you have a dry skin. Use this mixture to your décolleté if you are going to be wearing a low cut dress. Dust compact all over the exposed areas.

You should go easy on your eyes, lips and blush. Use of kajal can be made elaborative but if eye shadow is being used then go for light golden bronze and remember that they shouldn’t stand out. One coat of mascara is enough. In case you need to use a dark lipstick to match your dress as well as your skin tone then avoid ponderous eye make up.

Since heavy use of blush is a complete no, one can use vitamin C lotion to revitalize the skin and provide a natural glow to it. Remember to use only matte products as they not just absorb light rather than reflecting it but also greatly minimize the imperfections and faint lines.