Hindu wedding decorations
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Hindu weddings can be observed synonymous to daedalian decorations, lush lightening and multifold customs, rituals ; Without missing the magnitude of food served for feasting.

Hindu wedding decorations are not just limited to various ceremonies but the entire ambience of the wedding creates a luxuriant appeal.

Swagat decorations

The place where Swagat ceremony is performed is decorated with a carpet which is outlined with floral decorations. Some even do intricate planning of keeping floral plants on either sides of the carpet. Petals of flowers are scattered along the way for welcoming the baraat.

Night weddings can eye luminescent light that brightens the entire way as the baraat enters with full enthusiasm.

Stage decoration

The stage has two majestic chairs usually for red and golden combinations for the couple to feel gala. Stage decorations can be truly experimented with. The names of the couple are thickly decorated and brought out of flowers. Flowers of marigold, gerberas and roses being the hot favorites for all wedding decorators.

Mandap decorations

The Mandap is of paramount importance in Hindu wedding decorations. Everything seems to be less when it comes to decorating the Mandap. The choices of designer or brass Kalash, Artificial Havan kund , catering decorative suraahies . The canopy can be decocted by bamboos , banana leaves which are available both in artificial and fresh varieties. Then floral arrangements, as usual, can be kept as simple or as detailed as one wants.

Comprehensive Hindu wedding decorations are seen at the catering areas as well. The entire idea about such scrupulous décor is to represent the mood of celebration of union between a man and a woman which is considered as nothing less than a festival in hindu culture.


The point is that Hindu wedding decorations are elaborative.

There is no way you can simplify them.

Still, as per your budget you can make them as opulent as you want to.