Hair care for groom
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Why should the groom refrain himself from being pampered? With so many men saloons’ opening around the corner it has become easier for groom to plan out a pulchritudinous make-over to surprise everyone at the wedding. Hair is the most crucial part of the make over therefore hair care for groom is important.

Hair care is not just for styling but it is also necessary for the personal hygiene. Regular hair care will keep scrap problems of lice, dandruff and rough hair at bay. This is especially important for grooms who have slightly longer hair. You don’t want dandruff flakes shining over your sherwani, do you?

One must start visiting their hair stylish about 3 months before the wedding in case you want to create a new look with your regular hair. You can tell him what type of clothing you will be wearing, a sherwani for a suit, which will help him give the best hair style to you.

Apart form the styling, there are some simple hair care rituals that the groom must do in order to have a lustrous hair. Choose a day in the week to shampoo your hair and condition it. Avoid skipping this day or delaying it. In summers, men with very short hair can wash hair with water during bath daily. This concept of washing hair regularly is to keep it clean.

Like ways choose a day for oil massage and do not skip it. Regularly oiling will improve circulation of the scrap and quench the thirst for moisture of the hair. Hair gels can be used for moisturizing the hair in case one doesn’t like using oils. Always use recommended products of good quality.

Multani mitti packs do wonders to groom hair if started applying every 7 th day for one month before the wedding. In case of shortage of time, Groom can use mixture of lemon juice and coconut oil to rub into the hair and then shampoo it off after keeping for one hour. This will bring instant shine to the hair. Hair care for groom will give him healthy hair and confidence.

Any hair cutting must be done at least 10 days before the wedding in order to avoid rush during pre-wedding functions. The hair cut must already be decided before hand as part of the wedding planning.