Financial problems in marriage
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Marriages do not bring with them a booklet of instructions. You need to learn how to make it work by hit and trial methods. There will always be some or the other form of problem in your marriage. All you need to decide is what is bigger? The problem or your marriage?

Since both of them do work professionally, therefore a big issue that seems to be mushrooming with more and more couples these days is financial problems in marriages.

Common account  

Trouble calling for financially incompatible people. Some blame it on different birth signs of the couple. The couple may open a common account in anticipation to see it grow as both of them earn good. But expenditures of one may seem wastage to the other. So the figures of the common account appear falling. This may start the blame game on who is wiser with the penny.

Dealing with debt

In the initials years every couple takes debt to build up their home, buy car on loan, etc.

But once dealing with the debt becomes tricky, the couples might panic and start blaming each other for getting into this awkward situation. This is a serious issue.

Spending without planning

This is worst of all. All couples have dreams of owning a house of their own, going on the best family vacations, gifting each other exquisite things but monitoring of the cash is very important. Spending without planning may prove fatal anytime, especially in need of emergencies.

Money more than honey

Too much rigidly about money spending is also harmful in marriage relationship. We need to understand that we are earning only for ourselves and our family. Unnecessary tightening of the budget may become suffocating for the other.

Financial problems in marriage can easily be solved by having different bank account, planning out budget of the house and marking a maximum limit of pedicure for each.