Engagement Party Decor
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True, engagement is a smaller function in comparison to the majestic wedding day celebrations.

But this ceremony has its contribution in binding relationship of not just two people as couple but also between their families.

Before marriage, this is one major common function and therefore has a gala importance.

The obvious next thought to ponder is the engagement decor.

In order to mark the magnitude of these rituals following are some of the important things to be remembered while planning engagement decor.

The first and the foremost thing for you to do are to decide the theme of your engagement celebration.

A great number of themes are available. These may be selected from free online engagement journals or monthly bridal magazines. Once you have chosen your theme, the selection of the color combinations, the ornamentation and the music choice will become much easier task to do.

A traditional engagement decor may include gorgeous ethnic objects like bandhani duppata, designer Kalash, rangoli made out of various colors, earthen lamps, etc.

The Thaal in which the objects of engagement ceremony are placed can also be decorated with bright gota and flower petals.

Floral engagement decorations as well as balloons are evergreen decoration tools for traditional as well as modern engagement decor. Flowers popularly used are gulmohor, roses, marigold and tulips.

For a modern engagement party, the usage of cake as a centerpiece would look quite graceful. The cake need not be a large one, as wedding cake, but you may settle for something smaller. Red colored balloons, especially those in heart shape may be scattered randomly on the floor.

Or the engagement celebrations held in night, the house can be illuminated by colourful lightings. In case of an entrance of the house has parallel rows of plants in pots, shrubs or trees; the lighting wires could be put up in a design. During the day time