Choosing the Caterer
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Indian weddings are known for many things. There customs, decoration, rituals and enthusiasm during wedding celebrations. But, what makes the wedding remembered for years? It is the food served in the menu.

It is because of this choosing the caterer that will cater you with such a service that the taste lingers on for years to come.

Tips to select the wedding caterer

Finalization your caterer following these tips


Food is one thing that should in budget. So choosingthecaterer on the basis of your budget is a good way. Caterer can also be finalized on two systems, first on the buffet system and second on the plate system. This can be decided on the basis of how much guests are been invited. This can be consulted to caterers even.


one must check the food quality, the caterer you are choosing must have the food quality and taste. One should not compromise hygiene due to budget or just because of the taste.

Good reference

Choosing the caterer by a good reference will be better. Ask the caterer about how much experience he has for catering weddings... This will help in avoiding any accident though people would enjoy eating the food and remember your wedding for years.


choosing the caterer depending on menu like for vegetarian food, non vegetarian food, deserts, etc. is a smart way. Like choosing the caterer who is specialized in vegetarian food and in non vegetarian. Choosing the caterer separately for deserts is nothing like it.


The sample of the wedding food that the caterer will put up on the days of functions should be tested before it may be served. This is done to avoid any avoidable embarrassments


Food is the most memorable part so its creation and selection steps should be taken carefully. If having problems in deciding then shopping guide can be helpful.