Bridal Makeup
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The wedding day is observed as the most special day in a women’s life. You crave to look like you have never looked before. You are aware that even though you have spent heaps on the wedding costumes and jewelry still there is something that you just cannot escape – The Wedding makeup.

Due to changing life-styles one has less time for personal care let alone beauty care. Only as your wedding is approaching and you start visiting your beautician about 6 weeks from the day of your marriage you realize that wedding planning includes this crucial task too.

It’s just a matter of coincidence that the most beautiful features of the women are on her face- the eyes and the lips. Not to forget the ultimate glow that every one will be expecting to see on the bride’s faced.

Lets just face it, not everyone was born with the perfect features and the flawless skin. With so many simple makeup techniques around the corner you just don’t need to worry at all. Let’s talk about what are the basic necessities for a bridal makeup.

Getting started

Show your bridal wear to your beautician so as to use a makeup style suiting your attire.

The type of makeup must be chosen by keeping in mind these three factors- the type of ceremony, the season and the time of the day. Your memorable celebrations are going to be photographed. So remember that foundations with a yellowish undertone go best with flash photography. One must avoid use of shimmers as part of makeup as they give a reflective shine and will spoil your photographs.

In case you wish to enhance the beauty of your eyes with heavy makeup then choose lighter shades for lips. If lips are your best features then follow light makeup for the eyes.

Remember how everyone wants to see you all blushing? So use the blush like you have never used, especially if you have a very fair complexion. Those with a wheatish skin tone must use bronzing powder in order to bring natural glow to the skin.

Last but the most critical thing is the final touch up. Always carry touch–up tissues, compacts and lipstick for touch-ups. If you can’t carry them, then ask your mother or your bridesmaid to carry it for you.

Smile and feel beautiful. Enough said.