Decorating the Bride with Bridal Jewelry
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In earlier times the parents of the girl used to start collecting the jewelry for her marriage from the day she was born. The designs then were simple and made usually out of gold only. But today there is a huge collection of bridal jewelry in the market. You name it, they got it.

Bridal jewelry is chosen based on many things - Your budget, the metal, the color of your dress and the theme of your marriage, to name some.

Let’s talk about some basic styles in bridal jewelry

One hot favorite is the Kundan jewelry. The jewelry is expensive due to its expressive art of stone setting. These ornaments are made out of pure gold. According to your costume you might choose the jewelry that has matching stone settings. This type of jewelry is characteristic to Rajasthani brides.

Brides of the metro have been more inclined towards Fashion jewelry for their W-day. This type of jewelry has innovative designs and can be made to order by a professional jewelry designer.

Pearl jewelry and Beaded jewelry are too in the race and these go best with wedding dresses embroidered with Zari work.

If your party is theme based then you can choose your ornaments accordingly. Some pre-wedding functions include themes like Pakeezah or the Egyptian parties. Replicas of Antique jewelry can be made to order by your jewelry designer. The styles and designs can be easily searched from internet. Many bridal magazines can also be consulted.

Then obviously there is exquisite Diamond jewelry for the bride. This is the most expensive form of bridal jewelry but has become one of the most sort after jewelries in the cities.

The last is the evergreen Gold jewelry. Gold is still regarded as the hard cash and is still a safe bet for any bride. Chances are that you may get to wear the jewelry of your great grand mother. Apart from many people’s beliefs the collection of gold jewelry has immensely improved and the market is filled with unique designs. Gold worn by a bride is observed to give her the golden glow of the metal.

No matter what the bridal jewelry is made of but its sole purpose is to enhance the beauty of the bride and to make her feel special. You need to decide what will make you feel special.