Bridal Accessories and their Necessities
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The basic necessities of a bride are the bridal wear and the jewelry. A bridal accessory reflects the personal style statement of the bride and makes it easier for her to stand out. There are such huge varieties of bridal accessories available from head to toe that you might have a tough time in deciding what to select and what to reject.

A point of great magnitude here is that while choosing a bridal accessory for yourself always remembers to choose something that will match your personality and would compliment your complete attire. Do not use an accessory just because it’s attractive to your eyes. Such should be the utility of the accessories that nothing looks extra.

Hair accessories include bridal tiaras and stylish clips. These must be used only if you are going to show off your hair-style. Else it would be such a waste. The clips and the tiaras should enhance the glitter of the teeka that you must be wearing as an Indian bride. And in case your head cannot house all these things then do not loose your heart. You can use other types of bridal accessories on other areas.

If you are not a traditional maharashtrian bride, to whom it is a compulsory ornament, then you may wear a nath as a nose accessory. It’s a pearl crusted ring and can simply do wonders to you face.

Beautiful brooches can be attached to the setting of the pallu around the shoulders. These are easy on pocket and have a gigantic variety to choose from in the market. Not to forget how stylish they look on just everyone.

If your tummy is one of your best features then why not accessorize it as well. A tamilian ornamental belt called Oddiannam can be worn around the waist. The Catholic Indian brides can adorn themselves with a delicate veil. Flowers and ribbons can be attached to the fragile white gown and the resulting appeal is breath-holding.

How could we forget about bridal shoes and bags? Brides must choose shoes that they are comfortable to carry since many ceremonies are long and we don’t want the stress of your feet to show on your face. Bridal bags are small, bright and trendy. You will be required to carry your touch-up kit with you and here comes the role of bag